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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

This week has been full of a bloody well deserved break. However I do feel slightly guilty because I am surrounded at the moment by everyone else's exam stress. I have been bombarded with favours in the form of a question master and testing people with names of muscles and whereabouts they are on the body (so this is what sports courses get up to) But I don't mind, I am filled with a silent glee and smugness that I've now finished and when I was doing all my hard work they were watching a full TV series in a day and other fun things and now I can do those things while they slave away over muscles and bones and god knows what else *slight hint of evil laughter* Their exams are almost over however and then next week it's birthday celebrations and hopefully a night I wont be able to fully remember! These are the things that have made me particularly happy this month:

- Being able to fully relax, I've spent many a day this week just in bed watching programs (mostly Twin Peaks) on my laptop with a packet of digestives, so this is the life that I was missing. 

- Shopping trips on my own, now this might not sound like a big deal but for a stress head like me it was a big achievement to feel fully relaxed in the center of town on my own and to just be able to peruse around shops with no particular agenda, I've missed those shopping trips. 

- Trolley coins, speaking of shopping I picked up this adorable little trolley coin from Paperchase with a cat on it and it has recently become the most handy thing I actually own (I must be getting old) It's the worst feeling to go shopping and find out you'll have to just deal with a really heavy basket because you don't have a pound for the trolley. It's a genuinely heart breaking feeling. But trolley coins can save that from happening because they attach onto your keys so you can always have one around your person, best invention ever! Not even exaggerating. 

-Being able to have enough change to do laundry, my shirt for work was starting to smell and I actually genuinly ran out of knickers. I used to save change until it created a surprisingly large amount of money and I would cash it in at the bank toward the end of the year. Can't do that at Uni can you?! I've never known a thing to be so precious as a 20p for the washers in halls. 

- Mumford and Sons new album, gasp I am in love, I have no words. I was scared about the lack of banjos but everything else is still there, the emotional lyrics, the catchy riffs and the close harmonies. I 'm not going to lie when I say I sat on my bed for hours today and just listened to it and I maybe had a little cry, maybe. 

What I have been listening too:

Well obviously Mumford and Sons if you haven't already gathered. Favourite song at the moment is 'broad shouldered beasts' so much emosh' Marcus, so much. 

How was your Monday?

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