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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Because I'm home to vote I thought I would do a more light hearted post about my favourite two felines in the world. We adopted Louie and Olly (front to back) in October 2009 from The Cats Protection League. Before Ol and Lou we had three outdoor cats who were all ran over so we were looking for cats that we could keep indoors and not feel guilty about it, so when we saw too deaf kittens on the website, we knew we needed to have them. The only problem was when we brought them home is that they clearly weren't deaf! You would make a sound downstairs and they would come running down the stairs to see what you were doing. Basically we were landed with four fully functioning ears but with their adorable faces and heart breaking back story we couldn't possibly take them back because of a problem we thought they had but didn't. You see Louie and Olly were found in the middle of our local town centre abandoned in a crisp box. If the rescuers hadn't got to them quick enough they would have died, so they haven't had the greatest start to life but now they are too happy house cats living through their day sleeping, eating and playing. 

Olly and Louie as kittens
Louie: As if butter wouldn't melt 
Now almost 6 years old my cats have acquired their own personalities, they are very clearly different in size and stature as well, Louie is chunky (we don't say fat) and Olly is tall and thin. I remember my Mum wanting to call them Vince and Tony because of their differences! Because they are so different I'm going to introduce them separately, because they both deserve a post:

Louie (shpooey-moo) 

- When greeting people Louie likes to do a little meow which sounds exactly like 'hello' and when he gets over excited he says it multiple times 'hello hello hello hello' 

- You can literally do anything with him, he's like a rag doll cat. His favourite activity is to be knocked over onto the kitchen floor and being swished around the floor like a mop (he is strange).

- He is fascinated by my Mum's ipad or any form of screen, he'll watch something for hours, we even have an app with hour long videos of birds that he watches. He'll also jump up onto the Tv and try and catch the thing on the screen. 

- He has a fascination over a piece of string that hangs over the door and when it is removed he will stare at the empty space where it was a cry. 

- When I am home he will come into my room at 5 o'clock in the morning and literally sit on my face and purr like a motorbike.

- He is the most affectionate cat I know and the only cat I know that likes to lick your eyeballs. 

- He will eat anything from yoghurt to cold cups of tea. 

Olly (Lollypop) 

- He will sit and look out of the window and watch the outside world for hours a day. This makes us guilty because we believe he would have so much fun outside but it's just too dangerous. 

- He is a very serious individual and will never be caught in a silly position, he is the height of gracefulness (he thinks). 

- He will chase Louie everywhere because we think that he is the alpha male of the two and he also eats first. 

- He will pretend to bury his food and sometimes will even drag along a sock from upstairs and cover his bowl with it, to stop the non-existent predators. 

- You can throw a ball for him and he will fetch it back immediately and drop it at your feet like a dog, we like to call him 'Olly the collie'. 

- He likes to sniff the hair of new people but if they pick him up he will meow at them until they put him down. 

- If somebody sneezes he will shout at them for being too loud. 

- He has a place on top of the fridge where he will sit and watch people from up high with this really judgmental attitude, if he was a human he would be incredibly arrogant. 

- We are convinced he is an alien and likes to voice facts about us stupid humans up to the mothership for possible invasion one day.

I took this today and I know it's not good quality but I think this picture represents their personalities so much
 These cats are such characters and they are the thing that I miss most when I'm at University I love coming home to Louie shouting 'hello' and Olly sniffing my hair and giving me hostile looks.People say that pets make a household and I believe that to be correct, especially these two hooligans. 

I would love to know about the animals you share your household with if you have any. Cats or dogs I'm not one of those people who is here for one species of animal they all have such different personalities. 

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