Three | Dear March/April...

Sunday, 3 May 2015

It's been an exciting group of months, March began with many many parties and spontaneous nights out and ended with realisation that deadlines were upon us all and therefor the partying abruptly stopped. And April was a month full of hard work and rewards for that afterwards. Lets start with March shall we:

Dear March

You were a great month for me, you began with planning and planning for various projects and things for Uni; which in a way I kind of enjoyed. It is not a myth around here that I love organisation and planning, so really I was in my element planning essays and presentations and I have found that if you actually enjoy the subject you are writing about it's honestly not so bad, really honestly! You were also home to my Mum's birthday which we spent exchanging my handmade gifts to her in Starbucks which was lovely. St Patrick's Day also happened and by the disposable film I got back the other day there is a reason why I can't remember much of it!

However because of the work Uni forced upon me all at once, March you were stressful, I have to say I struggled. And because I was in  my first year of Uni I felt even worse for feeling the struggle because when I spoke to people about this issue their reply was always 'it gets worse' which is so, so supportive thanks guys in second and third year much appreciated! Because of this bewildering work load I decided to take a break and head off to Gareth's for the weekend after the most sleepless night in the world which lead me to not being able to function (literally didn't sleep for the whole night and had work the next morning) I made a healthy decision to take a two day break. Gareth bought me chocolates and we had many walks and then I was back on top form. March you even brought along the eclipse which was the biggest let down, literally the sky just got darker, in my opinion not worth getting up for (damn you cloudy sky)

March you were a rather challenging month, just with work mostly but towards the end everything relaxed and I went to Scotland with my family and had a great week. I'm not worried about the stresses of Uni next year because I know I am strong enough to over come it with some help from loved ones. Thank you March.

Dear April 

You appeared just at the end of all my hard work, the final push shall we say and then it was just celebrations. I got to go home and see all my friends and they told me their stories of Uni and I told them mine and we bonded over lots and lots of outings, films and wine. The best part of April in my opinion. Everyone was in high spirits because it's not long now until we break up for Summer and will be officially reunited. Come to think of it there really has been a Summer vibe all through this month, you brought the great weather April and we all appreciated it with picnics in the Lake district and studying outside.

You also brought along my first yoga class which I have now later fallen in love with. I was always very skeptical about the extreme effect that a bit of stretching has on the body and mind but boy was I wrong! I just really wish I could have plucked up the courage and went along sooner, but I'm there now and am even in the process of buying my own Yoga mat. Towards the end we took a trip to Newcastle to see The Wombats and they didn't disappoint, Gareth and I have made a vow to each other to get away and go to gigs more often because we really enjoy it and it's an affordable way of having time to ourselves. I also managed during this month to fight off a recurring cold that keeps sneaking up on me, come on April bring some of that sun into May so it doesn't catch me!

How have your months been so far this year?

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