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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

It's my Birthday tomorrow and I am feeling reminiscent of my teenage years. I'm turning twenty which means logically my years of being a teenager have ended, yet realistically I still feel sixteen. It's quite a shame I think, that twenty is not a benchmark age like twenty-one is, it does mark the end of an era so to speak and can seem quite a daunting time for people about to hit it. I've always been an old lady at heart, even when I was a young whipper snapper (I'm doing it now you see) I would always have opinions and complain about the weather, people think that it's bad to be old before your time but I really think my old woman attitude has made something of me. It definitely effects my sense of humour, I'm forever saying that I am old before my time and my friends just laugh but completely agree because most of them are too, which is fun. We'd normally much prefer a quiet night in with wine, pajamas and a film than a bustling night out with shots in a nightclub. We like to sit in front of screens and complain (I still think we would be brilliant for Gogglebox). 

Being twenty to me has it's ups and downs side, first your moving up into adulthood gradually and hitting this age can make you feel responsible for your own future and it has really caused me to think about what I actually want in life, which has lead me to think about travel. It has also though left me very reminiscent about the past and sad that I am moving away from the age group that helped define me, where I partied and studied and fell in love. Where I went through some, let's say strange phases (#Emo) but experimenting with these has helped me find who I want to be and a great appreciation, still for My Chemical Romance. I also cut all my hair off during my teens and it really surprised me that today it comes just past my boobs, meaning it has been a long ol' time since the curly bob look I sported for around two years. When I think about it though, nothing drastic has changed. I'm always still naive in thinking that at the dawning of a big Birthday you wake up and feel older and different but I'm not at all different, my life is still the lovely trundle along the road that it is, I'm still with Gareth, I've still got two cats and I still enjoy the occasional MCR song now and again. So basically I am still the same person, teenage Ciara has not disappeared  and that's a good thing because I don't want her to leave just yet. 

How did you feel turning twenty ?


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