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Friday, 22 May 2015

I'm trying to catch up with my blogging-everyday schedule, so here's some un-original content which we all enjoy. I have been finding a lot of brilliant, inspirational and just God damn funny links recently that I would like to share with you so you can think they're brilliant and inspiring too. Shall we crack on?

 - Taylor Swift's view on how Feminism is the most important movement - She kind of states the obvious but with such a large audience it's brilliant to see that Taylor is speaking out about this, probably intentionally inspiring young girls all over the world. Also how can I not mention her amazing new music video for 'Bad Blood' Girl power or what?! 

- Tom Odell wrote a song for Fearne Cotton - I can't believe that Fearne left Radio 1 this morning. Nearly every morning when I get up she has been with me, from going to school to getting ready for the day at Uni! I'm really going to miss Fearne and my morning routine really wont be the same without her. The send off she had this morning though was fabulous and if you missed it I urge you all to listen too it on the Radio iPlayer, my favourite parts were SOAK covering Led Zeppelin and Tom Odell's original song, Farewell Fearne, I'm not going to lie, I did sit on my toilet whilst shaving my legs and had a little cry! 

- Youtube: The most popular cats from its first 10 years - What better way to celebrate 10 years of Youtube than a article about the most famous cats in the world. The article features some of my favourites like Maru, Henri the existential cat and colonel meow (RIP). The article also features videos of each, which lead on to other videos and other videos and before you know it its 12 am and you've been watching cat videos all day (not talking from experience or anything) a day well spent I'de say. 

- Wear Your Ending the stigma (in style) - A brilliant new clothing brand which is changing the face of mental health. I hopefully will be buying some merch from this brand soon and I'm so excited because nothing but goodness comes from this company. Each purchase gives 10% of the profits back to mental health charities, the slogans on the clothing are hard hitting and raw but completely em-powering and positive. The whole concept of Wear Your Label is basically to wear your heart on your sleeve and therefore making mental health an everyday occurrence (which it is for some people) and ending the stigma around mental health illnesses for good. The labels on the clothes are also different, they don't just tell you how to wash and look after your clothing, but gives you tips on how to look after yourself as well, with a little tip on each label which you can look at when everything gets too much and help you to feel calm again. Brilliant! I cannot sing this companies praises anymore, they are so affordable and it's such a great entrepreneurial idea, even if you don't have a mental illness go and show your support and buy, buy, buy!  

- Tim Minchin's Graduation Speech - What a bloody clever man! I love this man and his mind and his graduation speech really made my ears prick up and I have been completely inspired by his comedy and his common sense. Go watch it, those 11 minutes might change your life, a little bit. 

What links have you been loving?


  1. Tim Minchin's graduation speech is the greatest! I have seriously watched it so many times
    Garland Girl