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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Can I first begin by saying that it's much harder to create a love heart in that position than I actually thought it would! I was scrolling through one of my favourite blogs Rebecca Marie the other day and found a tag she had done around a month ago called 'Promote Health Not Size' and I'm all for that, so I bookmarked it and inevitably forgot about it, but as I was planning my blog posts for May I came across the bookmark once again and here we are, shall we begin. 

I've always seen myself as healthy, I'm a vegetarian and well; to be honest eat mostly vegetables and salads. I also eat multiple fruits a day because I think I'd rather have a piece of fruit than a piece of chocolate any day. I have never intentionally tried to lose a lot of weight or tone up at all or even thought about surgery. What I'm trying to say is that I feel comfortable in my body and probably always have, but I know due to the media mostly and this idea of 'the perfect body' many people feel constantly un-comfortable because of this disgusting idea that some bodies are better and more acceptable than others. And this isn't just about the female gender, oh no males have to deal with this too, you could say even more so than women right now with the rise of body building and 'gym culture' So why do people feel like body shapes (something we sometimes cant help) should go in a hierarchy with this 'perfect body' that I believe doesn't actually exist, going at the top of the pyramid?
Well I can't answer that due to a powerful thing called society and stigma, but that doesn't mean we should stop fighting for what we believe is the correct view on body image and how, like everything should be; everyone is equal and happy no matter what shape they are, I pray for that day I really do!

The beautiful Rebecca Marie is clearly on the same wave length as me and is completely sick of this way of thinking as well! This is why she has created this lovely tag for all body types, stating that we should be a lot more concerned in whether you are a happy, healthy individual than what size you are. Which I think is a great outlook and I really do think advertising campaigns and the media in general should jump on to this to give a more positive and up-lifting message! Lets begin:

1. What does a positive body image mean to you?

Someone who is entirely comfortable and happy in their own skin, no matter what size they are, all being that they're healthy and looking after themselves. Having a positive body image can give you an amazing lift in your confidence and just your general well being, accepting yourself and who you are is the best thing you can ever do for yourself in my opinion. And of course you can still be insecure that's completely natural but to have a positive outlook on even your worst insecurities can help so much. 

2. How do you look after your body? 

As I said I am a vegetarian, for around almost 8 years now. So I have to be careful when planning meals that I get the right amount of iron and protein in my body to keep it healthy, finding the right foods for that can be tricky but there are many out there. I also like to go for the occasional run in the park, it's a great way to clear your head after a long day and much healthier for you than the gym because you're getting that fresh, outdoors feel. I drink around 7-8 glasses of water a day, this is mostly due to the fact I can't have caffeine and I hate fizzy pop so water is the only thing I can drink, I always have it with lemon and cucumber for an extra healthy kick. I have also recently took up yoga which helps the bodies flexibility and strength and also creates a more positive outlook in the mind. 

3. What are the bare essentials that you need to feel happy and healthy in your body?

Probably my water intake, I get incredibly bad heads and my mood even changes when I go for hours without water! Also if we were going to go a little deeper I would probably say confidence in yourself, which is sometimes hard to find but when you have even the tiniest bit of confidence inside you it can create a heck of a difference in the way you see yourself. 

4. How do you celebrate your body? If you don't how could you?

Every Sunday I like to give myself a good ol' fashioned pamper. That's moisturising to the absolute max and spending a little too long in the shower. I then like to put my feet up. I also like to buy clothes that show off the good parts of my body and products that help my body naturally like skin care, in a way that is a celebration.

5. What helps you feel comfortable in your own skin?

Having people around me that are non-judgmental and wearing clothes that celebrate the good parts of my body and hide the insecurities. For me kimonos are my favourite item of clothing because they hide my broad shoulders and dresses are my favourite because the show off my long legs. 

6. Share a body image story or experience that is important to you?

When I was in secondary school I heard many children the same age as me complain about their body images especially in the changing rooms in PE, they would grab their flat stomachs and complain that their boobs were too small, they were only about 11. One day I heard a girl stating how much she weighed to her friends which was the same weight as me, a healthy 6 1/2 stone for an 11 year old. She began to talk about how un-happy she was with her weight and how fat she was, I overheard this and until around year 11 would always lie about my actual weight, always saying that I was smaller than I actually was, I even lied in my BMI test in science because I wanted people to think I was skinnier even though I was a thin child. It saddens me how I felt inclined to lie about my weight even at that young age because of one girl feeling overweight in her body. I now only focus on my own body and how healthy I feel, it's not about numbers at all, I can't remember the last time I weighed myself, if you feel confident and happy with your body it will shine through. I wish I could have taught that to my 11 year old self.

7. Share a picture of you looking happy and healthy.

And slightly colourful. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag, I enjoyed doing it. Thanks Rebecca for making such a thoughtful tag for us to do and I encourage you all to give it a go. 


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