A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 22 June 2015

Bit of a strange photo, but literally all I've done today is deep condition my hair and wear my dressing gown, so here you go a photo of me with deep conditioned hair in my dressing gown! Today has been filled with boring jobs like washing my knickers in the sink, yes I did say washing my knickers in the sink. This is the epitome of student life, when you run out of underwear and can't afford the washing machines! I think maybe it's time to go home for summer. These are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Having an un-suspected week off work - I didn't know I was going to be off all week (no overtime for me) but everything worked out just fine because I was able to visit friends and have a right ol' time.

- Having endless cocktails and meals out with friends - My bank account's paying for it now though.

- Coconut Milk- Because I have decided to stop drinking milk because of reasons I will one day write a post about, I have been trying different forms of non-dairy milk. My favourite was almond milk but now I have tried coconut milk on my cereal I am a changed woman.

- Game of (mother effing) Thrones - It's been a pretty bland season in my opinion, but that finale blew everything out of the water like... pfft wasn't expecting that!

- Orange is the New Black is Back - I've missed this TV series and this week has been spent binge watching with Gareth. And yes I do have a crush on the new girl, like everybody else!

- My Mad Fat Diary is back! (so much TV news) - I haven't got to watch it yet, but I'm so happy my favourite nineties program is back, I've missed the fashion and the characters. And this series doesn't look like it will disappoint.

- Cumbria Pride - It was brilliant to see so many people turn out in Carlisle to celebrate everything LGBT based. Even though there were a few protesters, but they were shot down by some sassy lesbians so that wasn't a bother. I got lots of free stuff from all the stalls there and everyone was so lovely and friendly and the celebrations at the end of the night were great too!

- The fact that our Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets are booked - I can't wait to relive my childhood and feel nostalgic and drink butterbeer and all that! Gareth's going to be like a little child, he loves Harry Potter more than anything, honestly!

 What I have been listening to:

Because I can't buy Florence and the Machine's new album because of insufficient fund-age and don't want to ruin the experience of listening to it by Spotify ads, I haven't really been listing to anything new that I like. Hopefully I'll be able to get Florence soon and I'll do a full review!

How was your Monday ?


  1. Tell me about it that Game of Thrones finale hit me right in the feels.. Ahhhhh. But on a happier note, EEEE Harry Potter!!! I hope you have an amazing time! xxxxx


    1. I know eh! and aw thankyou so much.

  2. Replies
    1. It;s such a good program with such a good message!