A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 8 June 2015

Can we first just ignore the wintery bedding and terrible camera quality. I can't afford new bedding so these Christmas ones will have to do, also Gareth has stolen my camera for work, probably for the foreseeable future even though I told him I want it back on Wednesday, lets hope and pray. These are the things that have made me particularly happy this month:

- Starting a new book - God I'm a slow reader, I've been reading the same book for what feels like around 3 months! It was a great book but you do get bored and I' so glad to be reading something new and less modern (I'm one for the classics really). I'm reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird' because I was never lucky enough to read it at school, although the people that did read it at school do now seem to hate it. I've always wanted to read this book but there's always been something ahead on my reading list, but the time has come for Harper Lee, finally. 

- Cracking my comfort zone in two and going on a roller coaster! - This is a bog deal for me, it wasn't a big roller coaster, just 'The Grandnational' at Blackpool Pleasure Beach but for me it was the bloody Everest of roller coasters. My friend Amy didn't tell me how high the bloody thing was util we were climbing the steep incline and then there was no time to shout at her because I was hurtling down a steep, wooden hill over and over again. But I have to say it was rather fun and I probably would do it again if someone persuaded me and forgot to tell me about the height of it again. 

- Speaking of BPPB Valhalla was great - It's my all time favourite ride ever and the fact you get soaking wet makes it all the more fun. Because it's dark inside you don't realise how high the drops are, that is until I googled 'Valhalla in the light' and my goodness it's rather high. But I went on it three times and loved every minute and will definitely be going again next visit whenever that is. Also my yellow rain mac held up pretty well. 

- Northern People - On our way to Blackpool my friend Chloe and I were sat opposite a table on the train. Some people sat down infront of us and I at first though 'oh god no they're going to either be so annoying or talk to us, ugh help' They did indeed talk to us the whole of the journey but they were so lovely and I found out so much about them and their lives which I would have never known if they hadn't came and sat infront of us. Chloe who's from down South was saying that you would never get that on a Southern train nobody talks to eachother apparently and there's absolutely no craic' whatsoever. I love the North for that I really do. 

- Spyro the effing' Dragon - Was it the best decision to bring loads of PS1 games from home up to Uni? Yes, yes it was, I have spent all week re-living my childhood and playing Spyro with my flatmate Nathan and I have to say, it's a lot harder than I can remember, never have I fell off as many cliffs whilst gliding before!

- Meow it's Lucy - She's my favourite Youtuber at the moment, her content is so original and genuinely clever and intuitive, I actually feel like I'm learning something instead of just staring at someone elses daily vlog. I genuinely stayed up until 3 in the morning last night watching her videos, I have a lot of respect for that girl! 

What I have been listening to:

I found out the wonderful delight of who Bo Burnham is at the weekend, after watching his stand up show on Netflix I am now completely infatuated by his extremely talented song writing abilities and his hilariously dark humour. He reminds me an awful lot of Tim Minchin and we all know by now that song writing, pianist comedians are really my thing. 


How was your Monday?

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