How I Look After Red/Auburn/Titian/Ginger Hair

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

First of all can we say that there are a lot of names for a red-head and I didn't want to offend anybody by leaving them out, I personally call myself 'Titian' but for argument's sake in everyday life I just refer to myself as ginger because it's easier ain't it really? It is not a myth that red hair is the hardest to look after and requires a little more attention now and again. Because us red-heads have the most hair follicles than any other colour (smug laughter) this amount of hair does require a definite amount of taming and looking after, otherwise if you're like me and have exceptional amounts of frizz if not careful; you may find yourself with a strange kind of ginger afro. If that's your style then good for you, but if not you do need to be able to tame that frizz and flaunt the shine that comes with red hair, it just needs a little bit of encouragement to appear.

Most days I am lucky enough if I get my tangle teezer completely through my hair, this is because of what my Mum calls my 'corkscrew curls' which I love but honestly they can be an absolute nightmare when you want to style your hair.I have never been able to get my hair completely straight for a long amount of time, there is always a kink somewhere and even hairdressers have struggled to keep it straight for the amount of time it takes to cut it, it has a life of it's own, but I love that about my hair and I am forever being told how lucky I am that it's so thick and I've got so much of it. But, in the mornings it is a toil and as it's getting longer it is needing more and more TLC. I thought I would share how I look after my hair and try and keep it in tip top condition:

I normally tend to where a curly hairstyle most days, normally with the fringe out of the way and an occasional plait somewhere. With this hairstyle comes a lot of tangle features, like bobbles and bobby pins and plaits making knots in the ends which causes frizz, so after I take out the hairstyle (painfully) I try and run my tangle teaser through the knots and just the ends before putting it in a low ponytail before bed. I love to sleep in a low ponytail or low plait because it keeps the hair in one place, away from the face and altogether. It also works better for me than a bun or a high ponytail because I always wake up with almost brush-able hair and trust me when I say, when I sleep in a bun it's a totally different story!

In the mornings I brush the ends of my hair once again with my tangle teaser and straighten just the ends, I do this because I like the look it makes when all the curls are neat at the ends but are still incredibly curly, I think it might be the closest thing I get to a wavy effect. When straightening my hair I like to put a protect-ant on the ends, at the moment I use the 'Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfector Oil' which I have featured in my muses for the month a long while ago. However because I have decided to boycott all companies that test on animals I will not be re-purchasing this product, the hunt is on to find another heat protector oil that does the job equally well, if you have any suggestions for me please let me know because right now I'm rather stuck.

When washing my hair I tend to spend around two and a half hours in the shower and even longer when I'm deep conditioning, no joke! I spend this long because I enjoy it, I love washing my hair it always makes me feel better in myself and clears my head, it also allows me to sing in the shower for hours on end and I am not complaining about that. I tend to shampoo my hair, leave it on for a little while maybe around five minuets and wash it out, I will then apply lots and lots and lots (and maybe another lot of lots) of conditioner and either leave it on for hours when I'm doing a deep condition or leave it on for around ten minuets and then wash it off.
The shampoo that I am using at the moment is one of the Lush hair bar things in 'Brazilliant', a bright orange hair bar (like a soap bar) with lovely citrussy scents and precious oils for the hair. It's great and will probably do a full review of it someday because it's honestly shaping up to be the best shampoo I have ever used! For conditioner I am in the process of buying a Lush one but for now I still use the 'Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner' I bought three massive bottles before I decided to boycott cruel companies and now have to use them up before buying a more ethical conditioner. I wouldn't say it's the best conditioner I have used, it does the job but still doesn't suit my hair needs as much as I'd like. To be honest I have never really found a great conditioner for my hair that actually lasts being brilliant and my hair doesn't get bored of the consistency (hair can do that y'know). I also tend to put on an occasional hair mask now and then, maybe once every month or something, I've used a variety of hair masks but I would say the best one I have used is 'The Hair Doctor' by Lush which I used ages ago, before I began this blog and have never re-purchased it just because of the price really (I need to get that again actually, forgot how good it was). Because washing my hair is such a grueling process I tend to do it only once a week, that's if I don't get something in it like wine or cheese (honestly it happens). Because it is so thick it lasts all week without getting greasy, come to think of it my hair never gets greasy, just dry and a little flat, so not washing it everyday I can get away with.

I have learned to love and look after my hair and even though I do want to chop it all off and thin it out somedays I wouldn't change the colour or the thickness. I am told I am a unique specimen and therefore my colour needs to be cherished, I am constantly told at work by old people never to dye my hair, some customers even try and touch it (which I dodge away and find incredibly invasive, thanks). I am proud to be 'Ginger' and with that comes a sense of responsibility for looking after my hair. As people do say 'if you can't look after yourself, look after your hair' (why would anyone say that, that's so stupid, like what kind of message are we trying to get across here. 'Hey just give up on yourself and look after your dead follicles instead, happy days' ugh can you not society).

I hope this wasn't too rambly and slightly interesting for people that wondered how red haired people look after their barnet and if you have red hair I hope I helped in some way. I know there are different types of red heads and some have lovely smooth, straight hair (not jealous at all) but this is just a little help for the dry, frizzy red heads out there, you're not alone! 

Any tips if you're a red head ?

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