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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Most of the things I have been loving this month are Birthday presents, bought very generously by my boyfriend and friends. They must know me too well because I loved all of my presents, but these are the ones that I particularly favour.

1. ASOS High Shine Rain Mac in Lemon 

This beautiful new specimen arrived in my life a few weeks ago as a reward to myself for working over time. I love this coat so much and it has now replaced my mustard jumper as the brightest thing in my wardrobe! This is a very daring colour for someone like me who mostly wears grey and black but this has really done it's job of adding a little bit of much needed colour to my clothing, even on the dullest of days. It also lives up to it's name of being a raincoat and is completely waterproof, even the pockets, I found this out by taking it with my Blackpool Pleasure Beach and wearing it on all of the water rides. My phone and the top half of my clothes were completely dry. I feel fabulous in my little raincoat and incredibly 60's which can never be a bad thing. I hope summer will be glorious and sunny, but deep inside I am wishing for some rainy days, just so I can wear this beauty. 

2. Heath and Heather Decaffeinated Green Tea  

It's incredibly easy to get hold of decaf coffee, however decaf tea is much harder to find. Because I can't have any form of caffiene without feeling incredibly dizzy, nauseous and feverish; even a cup of tea is a no no anymore. Gareth knows this and bought me some special decaf green tea and chamomile tea, the green tea is my favourite. It just makes me happy that I drink endless cups of this and it will still give me the goodness of a cup of green tea, but not make me ill. Gareth bought this from Holland and Barrett and that's the only place I've seen it since, they don't seem to do decaf tea in the supermarkets for some reason, but I'm glad that Holland and Barrett stock it a a very reasonable price and this type of tea comes in many different flavours, which I am excited to try out.

3. Calm by Michael Acton Smith 

Gareth knows I'm a stress head, so he bought me something to ease my stress a little when it raises up it's ugly head. This book has now become one of my most treasured possessions, I recently finished reading it but because it is built up of chapters referring to certain situations I will definitely be reading certain topics in this book again when I need help. The book is amazingly well written with original text, scientific fact and historically famous quotes from calm royalty such as Gandhi and other more surprising people like Einstein and Steve Jobs. It also a very interactive book, sometimes taking a kind of wreck-this-journal role asking you to fill in some pages and write down your thoughts. Another thing about this particular copy is that it was stored along with many Lush products before my birthday, so now whenever I even turn a page of this book I get a beautiful aroma of the shop, which for me is calming in itself. Some advice for you then; if you do buy this book rub it in Lush products, you're welcome. 

4. POP Figure Merida Doll 

 This doll/figurine came into my life when my amazing best friend Georgia got it for my Birthday. I have always been told that I look exactly like Merida, which I take as a compliment, she is a completely independent, no-nonsense Disney princess and I am so glad I have been compared to her, not just by looks but by character as well. I don't think there is any other Princess I would like to be like. So now I have my own little Merida to remind me of, well, myself really. Thanks Georgia !

5. Lush Brazilliant Shampoo and Conditioner Bar 

This is just a tiny piece of the collection of Lush products I obtained for my Birthday. But because I don't have a bath at Uni I haven't been able to fully try them out yet, however this shampoo bar is great for the shower and it is therefore my new favourite thing to put on my hair. It's also an incredibly summery scent with mostly orangey ingredients and lots of lovely wholesome oils to help your hair a long the way to smooth and shiny. Now my hair will never be smooth but this shampoo bar has gotten it incredibly close to what people call 'smooth'. You only need a little bit as well, the bar contains some chemical (which I cant remember the name of) natural of course, which causes an intesnse foaming action which coats all of the hair in just one rub, meaning that the shampoo bar lasts for ages! After using this my hair feels completely nourished and soft, another good thing about these bars is that because it is such a small, concentrated amount, the ingredients do not cause dandruff. I've been using this bar for almost a month now and it has only gotten a tiny bit smaller, meaning it's going to last for a long ol' time. There are many other shampoo bars from Lush that you can experiment with as well. 

6. Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Crayon in Shade 1 

I have always been a Rimmel lipstick girl, however when I made the change to not buy products tested on animals anymore I have had to find a new range of lipsticks that I actually like. Barry M have just brought out this new range of matte lip crayons and this lovely nude colour really caught my eye. I never really go for nude lips because I sometimes think it can wash me out and doesn't really go with my hair. But this peachy tone looks really nice and the crayon itself is really easy to apply and stays on for a whole night of wine drinking so it must be good! It's really introduced me to nudes and I hopefully will be getting some more in the future. 

What have you been loving this month?

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