Famous Yellow Raincoat

Monday, 20 July 2015

*Applause for the people that guessed the Leonard Cohen reference* First of all a big hats off to my wonderful friend Emily who took all these photos while I was flouncing around like an idiot on the beach. Her blog is beautiful and you should all go have a look! 

I acquired this dazzling piece of sunshine of a coat after looking through photos of yellow rain-macs and thinking 'actually, I might suit that'. You see my wardrobe has always been made up of blacks and greys and if the colours are brighter, they would be muted. I've never been a fan of bright clothing, I think because I have pretty bright hair so I can get away with wearing dull clothes all the time. But when I saw this coat on Asos I had this strange colourful epiphany and thought 'might aswell give it a go' So it went in the basket and it arrived around a week later and ever since I tried it on it has been stuck to me. My friends complain at me because I'll even wear it on really hot, sunny days with no rain in sight! I just think this colour is perfect for summer and really brightens up any outfit, it also goes with anything (apart from maybe a yellow shirt or something) which I didn't think it would. 
It states on Asos that the colour is not preferably 'yellow' it's 'lemon' which is in fact a muted tone (me and my muted tones) but I think it's a lot nicer than a warmer yellow. The zip and buttons are lined with white, giving it a 60's look and once fully zipped up, there is a button and flap which goes across the hood to makesure it stays up during those really stormy days. And before you ask, yes I will be wearing it during the winter too, it's a raincoat afterall. 

This photoshoot was topped off by a lovely, seaside sunset which we couldn't ignore. There's nothing better than a Cumbrian sunset. If you want this lovely rain coat here's the link to it here on Asos. 


  1. That is such a stunning raincoat and the photographs are absolutely incredible! xxxxx