Totally LUSH Pamper Day | Hayton Castle

Friday, 10 July 2015

On Saturday our little village was the face of a huge fund raising pamper day supported by Lush. This was a huge deal seems as nothing at all, ever happens in this picturesque little bit of no-where that I live in so I was straight on the bandwagon. A pamper day, supported my all time favourite shop, on my doorstep? How could I miss it?! The day was cram packed with therapy sessions such as reflexology and Indian head massages and cute little stalls, we were also given afternoon tea and cake and free roam of the gorgeous castle grounds. Hayton castle is a historic mansion with a beautiful view, it was the perfect place to throw something like this, the fact that the day took place in a castle gave it a feeling of complete sophistication.

All of the remedies and products used were completely ethical and organically sourced. The remedies and therapies that were available were: Indian head massages, reflexology, Bio energy massage, manicure or pedicure and facial and back massages.

 Because I am not much of a massage fan (personal bubble and such) I opted for a manicure and I wasn't disappointed, the lovely ladies from Serenity Room Aspatria gave me a lovely gel nail manicure in a dark green colour. Emily also got a manicure in a really lovely midnight blue 

The stalls that featured were a real variety, from Aloe Vera oils to plants. But they still suited the vibe of the day. One of my favourite stalls was the Lush one, they brought a selection of their best selling stock from their Carlisle store and set it out all lovely. As usual the staff that were there were so lovely and it was a little worrying that they knew me because I'm in that shop almost everyday! I was very good though and only bought one thing because I was going to London and would be stepping foot in the huge Oxford Street store soon! The thing I did buy though was the ever so famous Twilight bath bomb, even though it has been around for a while now, I have never tried it before so I thought, seems as this was literally down the road from my house and I was so lucky, that I had to get something I hadn't tried before, I wasn't disappointed as usual!

My second favourite stall was lovely Em's stall, who volunteered for the castle for a while and she is a very creative individual. Her stall was filled with homemade trinkets and plants in teacups (who doesn't love a plant in a teacup though?) I bought a huge cluster of succulents in a glass jar for only £3 which I feel is a complete bargain! I fell in love with Em's stall and wanted everything, glad she's in the process of making an Etsy store then eh?! Here is her facebook page for now, but I urge you all to go look at her Etsy when it's up and running! 

There were other stalls there aswell that sold: jewellery I had my eye on a ring, but alas my thick knuckles! Clothing, some really nice bright summer dresses and scarves, homemade candles which smelled so dreamy, an aloe vera stall where I tried my first taste of aloe vera toothpaste and some other health creams that were very beneficial to the skin and some with (drumroll) free samples! There was also a raffle to take part in as well, I do love a raffle. 

Because the castle grounds were teaming with wildlife and plant life me and Emily decided to take a walk around and discovered a small farm outside! From pigs to peacocks and ducklings to chicks, they were all incredibly friendly and it was a lovely way of passing the time whilst waiting for a treatment, had to wash my hands before getting my nails done though, those pigs loved getting their mucky ears scratched! 

A great day was had by all! And so much money was raised to go towards more projects for Hayton Castle. It's brilliant to see something like this happening in such a quiet village that only has one shop and a church. It's a real breath of fresh air for the bored locals to take in and I have incredibly high hopes for what the future holds for our tiny, but treasured village. If you want to check out any of the projects that Hayton Castle Fields is currently creating you can find their Facebook page, they have already been working incredibly hard to refurbish an old field into a sensory garden for local children and have many other things in their sights. I don't know about you but I'm excited! 

This pamper day was perfect for the summer and a brilliant idea for a small community to work together, I enjoyed every minute of it. Good work Katie and Stevie and I can't wait to see what other events you have in store! 



  1. Oh my goodness this seems like an incredible day!! I love all the photos - I'm from Australia and it seems totally strange that you guys have actual CASTLES in such picturesque scenery! (Plus it sounds like it was for a great cause - bonus!)
    Brianna ||

    1. Wow! It's a small castle but a castle at best. It must be strange but because I've grown up around castles and the countryside it's normal to me. And yes it was and they ended up raising £608!

  2. Lush at your doorstep, that is absolutely amazing! Seems like you had an incredible day for an incredible cause, your manicure is really pretty!

    1. I know eh! And thankyou I loved the colour.