The Waiting Game

Friday, 21 August 2015

I have always experienced this. The impatient need when summer starts to end, the need to get back into a routine, wear more jumpers and eat more mashed potato. I can't be the only one, as humans we long for routine, we live by it, we are species that work in sequence. It's now coming to the end of August and I will be moving into a new house soon, Gareth will be heading off to Uni and the nights will be drawing in, some would feel somewhat sad by this, but I need a change, I can't live in a summer holiday forever. I want to pack everything up and just move and set up my new routine somewhere else, but I know that if I pack everything this early, I will regret it in the form of wondering where all my socks are. I also need to be fed new information, the summer is meant to give your brain a rest, mine is working over time because I feel like I need to be constantly learning things, now I've almost mediocre-ly mastered the guitar, I need a new form of learning. I've fallen on to poetry, I've always loved poetry and how it makes me feel, but never actually owned any, just always looked my favourites up on the internet, but now I am an adult I feel like I need some Hughes and Plath in my life for real, this is keeping me occupied, but I am so excited to get back working on the functions of the brain, can't wait for my lectures to fill me with new information. 

I just feel like, right now, everything's on hold and I just want to get moving, get packing, get sorting, get settling in. September is always one big waiting game. 

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