A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Wow it's been a pretty long time! And I can only apologise, but as you can clearly see I have moved house and so the past few weeks have been full of organising and drinking plenty of alcohol with all the freshers (I now feel really old). I have finally got my room sorted to a cozy standard that I am happy with, however I do think it requires the warmth of a fairy light or two. I am very happy with my room and my whole house, it' nice and warm and we've got a big telly, can't complain really! We do though, have an unwelcome presence, I am sure of it, things go bump in the night and strange breezes occur in places where there should be no wind, also objects move into incredibly strange places (pennies on top of doorways). I do think that this visitor is nice though and has no intention of harming us, I think they just want a little bit of company. Ghosts aside, here are the things that have made me particularly happy over the last few weeks:

- Moving into my own space - It's been so great to just spread all my own stuff everywhere and have a completely blank canvas to work from. Also it's been great being able to shop for myself and cook my own meals now I'm a vegan. My wardrobe's so big and I've never had a proper wardrobe before so having all my clothes fit in one space is something I am very easily getting used to. 

- Getting a new phone - I kept getting sent emails saying that I was entitled to an upgrade on my iPhone 4s but I just popped it to the back of my mind, it wasn't until my ancient phone started mis-behaving that I considered an upgrade and was incredibly surprised to hear that I was entitled to the new 6s! Because it was the sameprice as my current contract I thought why not, so now I am with new, shiny and gold (did I mention it was gold?) iPhone 6s and I am already in love with it. I'm not materialistic at all! 

- Being back with friends - I haven't been able to see a lot of my Uni friends this summer, some have been off working in America the lucky buggers and others are just too faraway and too expensive to visit. So it's been lovely to catch up with all of them and spend some quality time, I feel like a fresher again. 

- This is England - Can we just take a minute to appreciate the artist that is Shane Meadows. I have always been a huge TIE fan, even when it began in 2006 with the film, even though I was a little too young at the time. The storylines are cut throat and the characters are so lovable (well some of them are) I love how TIE90 has much more comedy in it because of 88's horrific storyline, but it's still got the same sense of intense drama. I love how the characters have grown and the way they have used to same people throughout the film. I just have a lot of love and respect for this particualar Tv series and I'm so, so excite for the feature length episode next week!

- Dates (The fruit) - Yes, I like dates now when I never use to, this vegan lark is really changing my taste buds.They've become my replacement for chocolate, sometimes I'll have the occasional piece of dark chocolate or an Oreo but I'm more likely to be found gnawing on a date, they might look shriveled and weird but I tell you, they taste like toffee!

What I have been listening to:

At the end of August I met this girl and she introduced me to the wonders of Kate Nash, I didn't realise her song writing was such genius and I am so thankful for this introduction because it has spurred a great love in my heart for this woman and her quirky song writing abilities. 

How was your Monday?


  1. You room looks amazing! It's so cool strange things are happening! Id love that!
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    1. Yeah, it's so interesting, yet still a little creepy!