Treasure Hunt | August

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

First of all let me apologise for the shoddy phone-camera picture, I left my camera at Gareth's didn't I. This month I have been trying out some new things and this treasure hunt is the result of the things I have loved the most, a strange array of categories but anyhow, shall we crack on?

1. Solfest Festive Blanket 

Every year my friends and I head to this little, hippy festival down the road from us. We always buy a lovely blanket from this lovely stall, however Solfest wasn't on last year,which meant no new blanket for me (cries). With a house full of cat hairs, white cat hairs that is, it's hard to withhold a lovely soft blanket without it becoming stuck with hairs and all itchy. So the last, lovely blanket I bought from Solfest was defiled by my cats. Solfest was back on this year and now a new lovely, hippy blanket is in my life again, this one however will be kept away from said cats until I move into my new Uni house!

2. Tiger Tiger Dairy/Egg Free Mayo 

As you probably know I am now a vegan, which means I was lacking mayonnaise in my life. Because I have mayonnaise with literally everything, I was really at a loss. I went on a search for the best free mayo I could find, that wasn't too pricey and tasted like normal mayonaise. I tried the EggFree brand from Holland and Barret and it was okay, but it was still a little vinegary. I tried another brand called Mayola, which again I found too vinegary and more like salad cream, which was a score if you like your salad cream but I am more of a mayo fan. My Mum then picked this up for me from Morrisons and I think I may have found my dream free mayo, it tastes just as creamy and flavorsome as normal mayo  and goes brilliantly with all my meals, so I can be un-healthy again hoorah! You can get this mayo in almost any supermarket, I even found it in Asda the other day, which is the worst supermarket for finding vegan food, so it is pretty common if you want to get hold of some. 

3. Hannibal Seasons 1-2 

Oh my goodness, this is my new fave Tv series, I know I talk about this quiet a lot but we've nearly finished it now and I have fallen in love with the depth of the characters and the story lines. I love how it links to the older films and books, but if you haven't watched them you can still keep up. I love the unusual camera angles and effects they use and last but not least, I think I'm in love with Will Graham and all of his dogs!

4. Violife Vegan Soft Cheese 

Another foodie favourite, but I've found with making this transition, it's very important to find your replacements to make you more comfortable. Cheese was a big one for me, because I still believe as a vegan, I still have the right to cheese on toast okay! Like the mayo I tried a whole array of vegan cheeses before I settled on one I would buy again. After trying the Tesco soy free-from cheese I thought all hope was lost (that stuff tastes like actual vomit). But after a little trip to the vegan stall in the market I found Violife and with hope in my heart, bought the soft and solid cheeses. That night I had both cheeses on toast and yesssss, I loved them both. The solid cheese has the taste of actual cheese, like it's so blummin' realistic and it melts great on toast. And the soft cheese tasted just like Philadelphia. I am so happy, now I can make mac and cheese again I'm so excited!

5. H&M High Wasted Jeans 

I went on a quest to find a proper fitted jean thinking that I would have to spend rather a lot of money on a pair of Joni Jeans. But even before I hit Topshop I found a pair in H&M that fitted like a glove and were still incredibly comfortable. I went and bought two pairs didn't I,one nice blue pair and one black, I currently am wearing the black ones non-stop so that's why the blues are the only one in the photo. I just love how they fit and also not gonna' lie, love how my arse looks in them too!

6. Silver Jewelry 

Silver jewelry and I have always had a little bit of a disagreement, I think it's because of my skin tone and maybe my hair, I just didn't think the colour sat right on my complexion. For years I have only worn gold, brass and rose gold jewelry, but this summer I had a change of heart and began, slowly to wear silver again and now I do, a whole new world of jewelry has opened it's doors and I was in New Look not so long ago and saw this beautiful set of silver rings, I was mostly attracted to the triangular one with a green stone, I now wear it almost everyday. It's great to know that I don't have to be too picky with my jewelry anymore, now I can pick up something silver and not say 'oh I can't have this I only wear this colour' and that's a great and up-lifting feeling. It's the little things. 

7. Sainsbury's Candle in White Fig and Patchouli

These candles look beautiful, burn for hours and are really affordable.I love the smell of this one and the little pot it comes in. Now I'm moving into a house and not halls for Uni I will be able to burn candles, so this one will definitely be getting re-purchased. 

What are your treasures this month?




  1. Greaaaaat faves! I LOVE Hannibal, it's one of my favourites! I'm also in love with Will and his dogs hahaha! :)
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Aw I love his character so much, my kind of man! hahaa

  2. Egg free mayo?! I had no idea that even existed, that sounds amazing!! I need that in my life.. xxxxx

    1. Ohhh yes, it's a fave to vegans everywhere!