A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 12 October 2015

I took this photo whilst lying in bed, because I couldn't be arsed to move, not gonna lie. That's how I feel right now. It's been a funny ol' week, I'm really starting to feel the distance between Gareth and I and with everybody shacking up at the moment I am feeling a little lonely, I'm like ultimate third wheel and they can't help it bless them, course they can't and I'm so happy that my friends have found someone to enjoy spending time with, but I can't help the little jealousy monster coming back to bite.'Why can't they watch telly with me instead?' because Ciara,when your in the room they wouldn't be able to rip each other's clothes off! I don't like this snidey, jealous side of me so I will be quickly getting rid of that! In other news my Uni work has racked up again and everyone's really feeling the strain, so much different to first year and different lecturers too, who don't really seem to get my sense of humour (their loss). Work want me to shell out £55 for the Christmas do, which I said a definitive no to because I probably wont be able to eat anything and I don't fancy getting bladdered with my work colleagues! I'm rambling now, angrily, right. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Beginning a new book - The Owl Service (Alan Garner) was awful I don't know why I carried on until the end.However, my Mum has kindly given me Tom Cox's book 'Under the Paw' a light hearted tale about one man and his cats and I have already fallen in love with it. So nice to read something that reminds me of my own cats back home.

- Christmassy and Autumnal Candles - I don't care if it's too early, I need that spiced apple and cinnamon smell back in my life. Also if your looking for cheap, but nice smelling candles head to B&M they do fake woodwick candles that smell lovely and they actually do crackle as well, all for £4.00!

- Almost finishing an essay a week before deadline day- I am not having flashbacks of last year, I feel so much more relaxed that this essay is almost done but I still have extra time to edit it and make it better, no more submitting at midnight!

- My Mum visiting - Yesterday my Mum drove up and came to see me, we went to Aldi (exciting) and then she showed me where she used to live and we found this beautiful walk really close to my house, so excited to explore that a little bit more, Carlisle is littered with hidden places! We ended the day with a pizza express and although mine had no cheese on, it still tasted amazing and they added a lot of flavour so it wasn't bland, un-like other vegan options in restaurants. 

- Christmas Cake Nakd bars - Yes they are a thing and yes they are as nice as they sound!

How was your Monday?


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