A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

This week has been full of wine and walking home in the early hours of the morning, the usual really. It isn't even a week until I get to see Gareth again and that makes me very excited, here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

-A sports massage followed by lots of wine- I wouldn't say this made me happy but it was indeed an experience, an incredibly painful experience! I came back from yoga and having done too many warrior poses, was incredibly sore in the calf area (honestly it felt like my calves were going to snap off) before talking to my incredibly talented, sporty friends I thought I had pulled my hamstring and had to be explained to that 'Ciara that's your calf dear, your hamstring is above'. Hamstring or not it was painful so my flatmate Nathan decided it was best if I had a massage. Honestly, I don't know what getting a tattoo feels like, but I think I would much rather get a tattoo, it hurt so much it was un-believable. But I have to say it did losen up my calves and after 2 excruciating days the pain did go away. This massage was quickly followed by a bottle of wine and a game of risky fifa. (Living with sporty people is really rubbing off on me). 

- Completing my Essay- There's nothing more rewarding than printing out your work all professional and seeing that document in your hand, ready to be handed in, look how professional though. 

-Homemade pizza night- Yes my friends and I think we're cute and like to have themed dinner nights. This week it was pizza and mine was so good. It was then followed with wine and gogglebox (told you there would be a lot of wine). 

-Free NME Magazines- I think I am possibly the last person in the UK to join this bandwagon, I don't know how I didn't realise, I literally follow NME through every form of social media but nah, must have just passed me by. For someone who had to stop buying NME's every week because £2.50 was too much money to spend on a weekly basis on something that isn't food, I was so excited to find out they're giving away free issues in HMV and Topshop. Will definitely be popping in after work every Friday.

-Cling filming a friend's bedroom- Yes my freinds and I still think we are freshers and when our friend goes away for the weekend and leaves her door open than the invetible will happen really and we will cover her room head to toe in cling film! It took some real effort (which I believe was not appreciated properly) but who can blame her really, we went all out and even cling filmed her whole mattress, putting the duvet cover on top so she would think she got rid of it all and then, boom a little surprise before bed. We are terrible friends, but top pranksters!

What I have been listening to:

James Rhodes - Inside Tracks - The Mixtape 

I have a lot of love for classical music, it might not make my ipod, but I can find myself listening to it when I need to concentrate. This album is perfect for writing essays to because there are no lyrics, which I always find helpful when trying to type words you don't want to be listening to other words over them, it puts me off. I have a lot of respect for James Rhodes and this collection of his favourite tracks speaks volumes about his personality and his battle with mental illness. 

How was your Monday?

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