The Pre-Jama Theory

Friday, 16 October 2015

I don't really know how to start this post but I feel like it is a thing that should be talked about and appreciated more, especially coming into the winter months.Have you ever had that feeling when you've had a really hard day, you come home at around 5 o'clock, wanting to get changed into something comfortable but alas, social constructs tell us that it is much too early for pyjamas, a little voice tells you 'what if you need to take the bins out later?'. Well my friends,I have a socially acceptable solution, it's been in my family for years and my mum and I believe that it should be a universal term. This is how a typical evening in my house un-folds:

How was your day?
Aw it was alright, tired now like. 
You putting your pre-jamas on?
I think I might join you.

The concept of a pre-jama is a clever one. I believe if it did have a dictionary definition it would be a little like this 


modifier noun: pre-jama 

'Garments to be worn when once home from a hard day at work before 8 o'clock, to be worn before actual pyjamas, creates a feeling of coziness and relaxation and socially acceptable to wear outside of the home if needed'.

 I have around 3 pairs of pre-jamas and around 7 pairs of pyjamas, my pre-jamas tend to be a little bit more subtle than my actual jamas for bed and tend to be tighter,almost like harem pants. As soon as I get home now the pre-jamas come on and I feel instantly more relaxed,even if I don't take my bra off! I've gotten to the point now that I can't wear jeans, tights, skirts etc. in the house, I just feel really un-comfortable and long for my pre-jamas. I've been to the shop in my pre-jamas so many times and the beauty of them is that people just think you're going to the gym or something, not that you're buying ingredients for pizza and chips to sit and watch some late evening drama. The beauty about pre-jamas is that they don't take away the accoplishment of finally crawling into bed and putting your proper pyjamas on, in a way I feel like I can go to sleep much faster because I have spent time in my pre-jamas. People laugh at me for the fact I have two different types of pyjama, but before you try it you wont know the pleasure of the pre-jama and the uplifting feeling you get after a hard day. 

I don't know what I was trying to get across with this post. I just think everyone should try wearing pre-jamas before bed at least once and I'm hoping to see the term in a dictionary near you very soon!


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  1. Omg I am wearing pre-pyjamas as I type this comment! They are honestly so comfy and so underrated, pre-pyjamas for the win! This post made my day hehe. xxxxx