Treasure Hunt | September

Saturday, 10 October 2015

I didn't buy much during September because I'm really feeling the burn of going from a 26 hour contract to a 6 hour contract, also the 3rd degree burn of very large electric bill, hooray for the student life! However I have managed to gather together a few treasures to review, shall we crack along?

1. Shopping Trolley (Gilbert the Grapefruit)

Working in a retail store has made me notice the amount of old people that use shopping trolleys, I once laughed at them, thinking they were only for the older generation, when your old, feeble hands can't carry a bag anymore. Well may I eat my words because when my Nanna bought me one as a lovely University gift it hasn't left my side, I don't care if I get funny looks in the supermarket because they don't look at me funny when I can fit a whole shop in it and not have to carry any bags! Old people got it right, everybody needs one of these in their lives. In our house we have decided to name him Gilbert the Grapefruit, because alliteration and he's got grapefruits on (I don't know why he's male). My housemates use him all the time and he now lives in our hall for easy use, honestly please get one, it will change the way you shop forever! I got Gilbert in Lidl but you can get them anywhere where there are old people, like post offices and market stalls. Go on, challenge your stereotype and add a little bit of old lady to your life, you'll never go back!

2. New Look Boyfriend Over-sized Shirt 

Have I mentioned that it's autumn yet?! Well it's autumn and that means flannel shirts. I wanted to find one a little different this year though so when I picked this up and saw how long and baggy it was I could just imagine wearing it with black skinny jeans, a vest top and gold jewelry and so it went straight into my basket. I always think a flannel shirt is a real classic look for autumn and winter, you can layer it aswell and they tend to go with any kind of outfit, be it a skirt, jeans or even a dress. I love how long this one is and I think it really compliments my height and broad shoulders,kind of the same feeling I get when wearing a kimono. Will definitely be wearing this for the foreseeable future.

3. Icelandic Cozy Socks 

These amazingly cozy socks were a gift from my Auntie when she went to Iceland. I am in love with them and when I'm in the house, they never leave my feet, they're chunky enough and fleecy enough to act like a slipper.They are made with proper Icelandic wool where the sheep are really well looked after and I just really love the garishly orange design. They scream winter and cozyness to me, my Auntie knows me so well.   

4. Paperchase Plant Lecture Book 

Being in second year of Uni means there is a lot more writing to be done and many more modules, so when I was looking for a new book to write lecture notes down I needed one with different sections and I needed it to be big and chunky. I found this one at the back of the shop and instantly knew it was for me, it has cute little plants and cacti on and is made from 100% recycled paper.It also has five colour coded sections for different lectures and punctured, rip out pages. Finally a cute note book that fits all my needs, it's strange how one practical thing like this can get me more excited for uni.


5. Lush Celestial Facial Moisturiser 

I've actually been using this moisturiser for quite a while, but because it has become such a staple I kept forgetting to write about it. I bought this when I had lost all hope with my incredibly dry, sausage roll skin. So I popped into Lush to ask the lovely people that work there to save me from my skin self destruction. They recommended the Gorgeous moisturiser to me, but being a student £42.50 was a little out of my budget to say the least! They finally asked me to try the Celestial and I took a little tester tub home to see if I actually liked it (that's why I love Lush so much). I obviously loved it and bought the full pot the next day. £12.95 for me, is still a little steep for a moisturiser but it works, it's vegan and it smells of vanilla and almonds! You also only need a small amount once a day so it does last for a while, I've just bought my second tub and have been using this moisturiser for around 2 months now. I only found out that it was working so well, when it ran out and I spent two weeks without moisturising my face, the dreaded flaky, sausage roll skin appeared and it felt so dry. I couldn't even wear a full face of makeup anymore because it would just sit on top of the flakes and make them more prominent.I think that is the ultimate test for a moisturiser, stop using it and then see how your skin is even a couple of days afterwards. I think I've finally found my moisturiser of a lifetime,please may it never be discontinued! 

6. Iphone 6s in Gold 

Yes, this is where all my money has gone, oh dear. I did need a new phone though, I've had my Iphone 4s for nearly 4 years and it was getting a little tired and un-reliable. I popped into the O2 shop and honestly didn't think I would be leaving with the newest version of the iPhone but when the salesman told me that I could get one on the same price as my current contract I thought why not. I was shown the all so famous rose gold version and I did like it, but I would have had to wait an extra month to get it and I'm quite glad I didn't pick the rose gold one because in the end I really do prefer the gold, much classier I think. The phone itself is fabulous, so much faster and so many new things to play with, like the 3D touch which I didn't understand at first but is really, really helpful. I also am inlove with the camera and seems as though I accidentally left my camera at home I have been taking all the pictures for my blog on my phone camera and honestly, it feels great to not have to apologise for the bad quality photos!My new phone hasn't really been out in public yet because I am still waiting for a phonecase to arrive, I do not trust myself with this precious baby on a night out, but hopefully soon I'll be able to get some reet nice snaps out and about. Oh I forgot to mention that you can now take moving pictures, moving pictures! And set them as your wallpaper, amazing. 

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