A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

This week has been filled with spending time at home and scary celebrations. I took a little break from Uni work and went home for the week to see my family and my precious felines. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Watching my Dad's face whilst watching Interstellar - It's a notoriously confusing film and he just didn't get it, it was hilarious, the look of confusion was priceless and he said to me at the end 'I thought this was meant to be about space eh'. Some forms of 5 star creative cinema are lost on some people.

- Garden Centres - As soon as the smallest sniff of Christmas appears in retail, my Mum and I know it's time to visit a garden centre. We went to one just outside of Carlisle which we had never been before and we thought it was just going to be a quick visit, but oh no, we made a whole day of it. It was so big that it took us 4 hours to go round, especially when we got to the Christmas section, There was also a food emporium where I bought some gorgeous seasonal piccalilli, which I have nearly eaten already and a few Christmas presents for Gareth. We also got very excited because at the bottom of the garden centre there was a miniature village, which we spent around an hour staring at, it was so interesting, who new the world tiniest teddy bear was in a garden centre just outside Carlisle! We're also definitely coming back for a nice Christmas meal soon because (drum roll please) they have a vegan suggestion on the menu, hallelujah!

- Fire show - Ever since I was little we always used to go to Carlisle Fireshow it's the biggest fireshow in Cumbria and it's always very spectacualar. I love the fireshow but I hate the amount of people that go because I don't like other people and crowds, but it was all alright and the fireworks were worth it!

- Halloween Celebrations - I love Halloween, it's always a great night out and this year didn't disappoint, a group of us all dressed up as OITNB which was fun. The night out was hilarious and I met loads of interesting people,everyone was on top friendly form and it was just a great night out. Not so great when I turned up for work still a little tipsy and had to take on an extra shift, got through it though didn't I. Here is a picture of us all dressed up as OITNB:

What I have been listening to - What everyone has been listening to, Hello by Adele, listened to it over 20 times now and I'm not sick of it yet, like the whole of the nation I love it!

                                                            How was your Monday?




  1. Your Halloween costumes are fantastic! I totally agree, Interstellar was a bit confusing at times but I still really enjoyed it! Such a space nerd hehe. xxxxx


    1. Aw thankyou ! and oh yeah I know you have to really concentrate, something that my dad didn't hahaa