A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 23 November 2015

This week has been full of re-uniting and just having a plain ol' good time, I am now tucked up in bed, absolutely pooped. Travelling really takes it out of me, but it was all worth it. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

-Having a train buddy- I'm an incredibly anxious traveler and having a friend there to take my mind off the fact I am speeding down a track at 80 miles an hour in a metal box only to be greeted by an un-settling train station full of people is always a plus. My course mate lives in Blackpool and commutes so she kindly shared her journey with an incredibly shakey and nervous me, thanks again Charlotte!

-Preston- From what I've heard of Preston I expected something industrial, lots of ugly buildings, grey sky, lots of chicken shops. Apart from the latter all these visuals were false, Preston is a real hidden gem, yes there are rough parts like every city but I didn't really see those as I was only visiting. The town centre was lovely and Christmassy' and the outskirts were filled with lovely little vintage and independent shops. We visited the big park there (the name escapes me now) which was huge and luscious and green and full of little monuments like this fountain. There was a miniature Japanese garden as well and a river, oh yeah and loads of incredibly tame squirrels that I tried to photograph but they were just too fast for me. Also the nightlife in Preston is so much better than Carlisle, there's so much more diversity, we went to a club with three floors of indie, punk and pop which is a great idea because if you're like me and don't appreciate sitting through 3 hours of house before everyone's drunk enough to put the good music on, you can always have your way! Preston has really made me excited to move further a field to a bigger uni, I know it's not exactly London but it's much bigger than Carlisle and it's really put things into perspective for me. 

-The weekend I had- It was so lovely to see Gareth as always, but because he lives with two of my best friends I got to spend quality time with them as well which was lovely. I honestly didn't want to leave, can I just move in so we can speak in memes and play Edward 40 hands more often pretty please?!

What I have been listening to:

Twenty One Pilots - I know I'm extremely late to this bandwagon, but I listened to one of their songs ages ago and just didn't appreciate it (I know I'm silly), but around a week ago I thought I would try listening to them again and oh my I'm in love. I love the way their songs are structured, the lyrics are realistic but poetic and once I heard all of Blurry Face my mind was blown and I can;t stop listening to it now, why did I not like them at the start?! 

How was your Monday?

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