Dear 25 Year Old Me

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Inspired by a miss Dodie Clark's new video, I wanted to write a little futuristic letter to my 25 year old self. A lot can happen in 5 years and it would be so interesting to look back on this blog post when I'm 25 and answer these questions. Here we go:

Hello 25 year old Ciara, nice to speak to you.
 20 year old Ciara is currently pretty happy, trundling along at Uni, working hard to one day become a qualified art therapist. She is mostly happy and has amazing friends, although she has started feeling slightly separated from some people because growing up is currently happening. She's unsure on where she is going next but she is very sure that she has a great long term relationship with her boyfriend Gareth who has moved away but long distance seems to be working out. She suffers from an anxiety disorder and is currently at war with various doctors because they keep giving her terrible advice. She likes drinking wine, talking about feminism, animal rights and doing yoga. She feels like she wants to make a difference in the world but she really doesn't know how. She's writing this letter to 25 year old Ciara because she is incredibly nostalgic and is terrified of growing up without living life to it's full. 25 feels like decades away so I don't know how you feel being 5 years off 30! Anyway here's a few questions for you to answer, I hope you're doing okay. 

-How's being 25?
-Where abouts are you living? 
-Did you ever get out of that small town?
-Have you got your dream job?
-Or are you still at Uni?
-If you are at Uni I hope you've go enough money. 
-How's Gareth?
-Is he a famous vegan chef/film maker yet?
-Does he still bring you flowers?
-Do you still see him?
-If you don't you've let something beautiful go and you need to get it back. 
-Have you cut your hair?
-I told myself I would never get a proper hair cut again. 
-How's mum and dad?
-Does mum have a dog yet?
-Does she have a whole menagerie yet?
-I hope Ol and Lou are still alive. 
-Are you still singing?
-If you aren't you need to start again. 
-Have you seen Forest Gump yet?
-Cause you know apparently it's a big deal that you haven't seen it.
 -Do you still have anxiety?
-Can you swim yet?
-Probably not. 
-Are the Tories still in power?
-Are you so full of student dept that your homeless and therefore can't answer these questions?
-Are you still a vegan?
-Are you still a feminist?
-If you're not you need to re-think what your doing lass. 
-How is everyone?
-What is Emily doing?
-Is she a famous artist yet?
-Has she changed the world yet?
-Do you still see everyone at New Years?
-Is Georgia living in her house?
-Omg does she have children?
-Are you a Godmother!? 
-How's Nanna?
-How's Sam?
-Do you see a lot of them?
-Have you been to Ireland since?
-Have you been to any other countries?
-Did you get to Venice before it sank?
-How long did you work at Wilkos before the customers got to much?
-Did you ever have the experience of working in Lush?
-Do you still draw?
-Do you still write poetry?
-If you don't you need to start again. 
-Have you lost/put on weight?
-Do you have wrinkles?
-How's that double chin doing?
-Has your lazy eye got worse?
-Have you stopped wearing doc Martens yet?
-Has your fashion sense changed?
-Is the Lion King still your favourite Disney film?
-Is To Kill a Mockingbird still your favourite book?
-Is women's pay now equal?
-Has racism and homophobia been abolished?
-Who's your favourite band?
-Did you ever see Fleetwood Mac live?
-Have The Smiths got back together?
-Have you been to Glastonbury yet?
-If not you better get a move on. 
-Can you drive?
-Do you still write on this blog?
-Do you still write in your diary?

I hope you're doing okay and you've got a little bit more sorted out, there's so much more I could ask you but I'm being kind on your old arthritic fingers (jokes hopefully). See you in 5 years. 

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  1. This is such a sweet post and I'm sure it will be really fun to look back on in 5 years time! xxxxx