Dear October...

Monday, 9 November 2015

Well October you've really brought in the cold weather haven't you, not that I'm complaining at all, in fact I love having to wear a scarf everywhere I go and a big ol' coat I've really missed it. Along with the weather you've also brought along the work load, oh yes so many assignments, so much group work, so much writing, so many literature reviews that I don't understand. Second year has really upped it's game, I was expecting it to, but I still wasn't 100% ready and now the stress has just came crashing down. Thankfully not missing a yoga class for the whole of October has really helped, my instructor found that I have a nervous tremor in my shoulders which is interesting and I am working towards loosening my shoulders to get rid of it, she also found that I have hyper extended elbows, no wonder my arms are so long and my elbows stick out a lot, both of these aren't harmful in anyway it's just good to know what's going on with your body really. Because the nights have grown darker and the area I live in has grown scarier (people getting followed home and attacked) I have decided to ditch my pride for walking everywhere and have been getting a lot more taxis, I didn't know taxi drivers could be so lovely and talkative and they always arrive on time. It's abit of extra money but at least I know that I'm going to be safe. That's the sacrifices you make when living in an extremely dodgy area. October you've also brought along the 'cozy night in' TV programs, the intense dramas that you can binge watch and the reality talent shows that grind my gears but I still watch anyway. For me the month of October was all about Doctor Foster and the ending oh my, so much drama in one Tv show. My friends and I now have a tradition of watching The Xfactor and getting reasonably drunk and shouting at the telly, it happens every Saturday now and it's kind of became a thing in our house oh dear! October was also the month when I plucked up the courage and took my guitar to a small open mic night in town, it was a success although my voice was still riddled with nerves, I'm just glad I finally plucked up the courage to do it and will be doing it again in the near future. The manager of the bar also asked me for my contact details in case they have any gigs lined up that would suit me, how lovely of him! Gareth came to see me which was lovely, we didn't do much because I had work over the weekend but he brought flowers and it was just amazing to see his face. After Gareth left I went home for reading week to see my little white snowflakes and I had lots of cuddles and watched lots of films and didn't do lots of work, oops. It was so lovely to see my family though and even though I don't live far away from home we still treat it like I do because I want the full Uni experience so it's still really nice to come home and see everyone. And ah yes October, how can I forget you ended with a bang (literally) with the fire show and Halloween all on the same day, I have to say it did make me get my events mixed up, bonfire night wasn't for another week! We went out for Halloween and it was great and we danced until the early hours of the morning dressed as prisoners, we met lots of new people and we got mistaken for fugitives of Guantanamo Bay, rude! 

October, you've been great, you brought on stress but I dealt with it head on and now feel that I can face second year with my head held high! Bring on the bad weather and the gallons of soup, I'm ready for you!

How was your October?

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