A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Wow I'm feeling Chritmassy' totally Christmassy', which is un-like me, working in retail normally makes you hate Christmas but not this year. I think it's because I have lots of plans for Christmas and I can't wait for this work load to disappear, it might also be to do with the fact that we're having a Christmas jumper party at our house tomorrow and I am very excited, we've even decced' out the house already and I've Christmas-afied my nails! I think we need to calm down in this house. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Silent Discos- Before Saturday I had never ventured into the world of 'silent disco' and I was very excited and apprehensive. But now, I love them they're hilarious! If you don't know what a silent disco is, you get a set of headphones with a certain number of channels (depending on how big the disco is) this one was pretty small so there were two channels, one with pop and one with more alternative music. The best thing to do when at a silent disco is to take off your headphones just before a kickass chorus and you can hear everybody just going for it, but there's no music, it;s bloody great. 

- The American Office- I know I'm supposed to be always doing work, but sometimes you just need a break and I needed a new program to start. I've heard a lot about this show and people always recommend it to me. I now know why, it's so funny and clever and so much better than the UK version! I love Steve Carrell so much and his comedies so cringey and great and the structure of the program is so unusual. The only thing I can say about it that's slightly bad is that sometimes it's so cringey that I have to literally hide under my blanket! Cant's cope. 

- Christmas shopping- I tend to do it early, but I haven't this year. So I started this week and I actually bought my first ever present for a child! Gareth's niece is 3 and she loves jigsaws so I bought her this gorgeous 3D jigsaw treehouse, I think I bought it because I secretly want to build it now! I feel like a real adult, also I bought a deodorant for the fridge the other day, what have I become?!

What I have been listening to:

I hate myself for this and I blame my pal Amy at Uni but - Justin Bieber

I know, I know I never thought I would ever say this, but his new album, there's so many tunes and I just can't ignore him anymore. So after a car journey with Amy and Justin's album I went home and listened to it properly and even watched all the music videos (what have I become ?!) I'm not ashamed anymore, the tunes in that album are brilliant, oh god. 

How was your Monday?

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