Songs for // January Blues

Monday, 25 January 2016

I might be a little late to this seems as it wont be January soon, but I am adamant that the January blues lasts for longer than a month. Christmas is over and we all have to get back into our routines, it's cold, it's dark and it's just been abit shit. For me personally this has probably been one of the worst January's to date, I've had to get used to living without Gareth again after Christmas, my work load is huge, un-wanted appointments are crowding up my social life and don't even talk about the housing situation I am in right now. Ugh you know what I need, a really good playlist with all new music and some ukele riffs. So that my dears is what I have created for us all to enjoy (don't thank me too much you know). This playlist has a little bit of everything and an enormous amount of hope for the new music of 2016, it's got upbeat tunes but it also has some sad ones, I always think it's important to not ignore your emotions, embrace them and if that means wailing to Isaac Gracie's new song then let it be that. I also have added some slightly older tracks but they are known to always pick me up, who could make a playlist with ukulele tracks and not add a TOP song?! Tom Rosenthal's music is my new favourite thing and I think that it really sums up January for me and his lyrics are relatable to the month. Sunflower Bean are my new favourite thing they're like a grungy Smiths with a female singer and that makes me very happy. And I had to add Alessia Cara because she knows how it feels to arrive at a shit house party in January! I hope you enjoy this playlist and it makes January a little more bearable:


Lets all stick together and get over these blues in due time. 

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