Treasure Hunt | December/January

Sunday, 31 January 2016

I don't want this to be a 'show off' post at all, but I just wanted to share with you what I have been collecting over December and January. Yes some of these items were Christmas presents, but some of them were also bought with my hard earned money so you know, best of both worlds. There are also some items missing from here that I want to talk about but they just wouldn't fit into the photo, or they exist in the world of the tinternet', shall we crack along?

1. Target Plant pot (Nice hair)
Whilst I was in Ireland, I was introduced to the Ikea hybrid that is Target. I immediately fell in love with the shop and I loved the irrelevant quirkiness of the things they sell. I picked up this plant pot as an impulse buy and as soon as I saw it I thought to myself 'must buy succulent to look like hair' and that is indeed what I did. I think he is just a bit of fun and fits very nicely into my strange room aesthetic, He doesn't yet have a name so if you have any suggestions you know? 

2. The Ladybird Book of Mindfulness
My Mum got me this for Christmas because in her own words 'this is you to a tee' cheers Mum. This book is hilarious though, they take old ladybird pictures and pair them with statements, in this case about mindfulness. it contains quotes such as:

"Sophie is concentrating on her breath. It smells like Frazzles. She says she has light for breakfast, air for lunch and love for supper, but Sophie has also secretly had some Frazzles."

Genius. There is a whole series of these books and I urge you to pick them all up they brighten even the darkest of days. 

3. New 2016 Diary 
My usual diary people Flow sold their diaries so fast this year that they became out of stock before December! I was lost, didn't know how to organise myself without lists on pretty pages. I searched high and low and settled on this Kikki.K Diary from Sweden  and it answered all of my prayers. That is after I managed to prize the parcel from the hands of my neighbour, who refused to answer the door for a week to me frantically knocking so I could organise my life again! The police were nearly called but they eventually gave it me after being cornered coming out of the house and I could carry on living my life in an organised, stylish, pretty-pictures-on-paper fashion. 

4. Soap & Glory Perfect 10 Eye-shadow Palette 
This was one of the many lovely Christmas presents I got from Gareth for Christmas and it really is perfect. I used all the shades constantly since getting it. My pet hate is when you see these beautiful palettes with lovely colours, but there's always that one colour that's like bright green or blue (no offence if you wear those colours on your eyes, good for you! I just personally can't pull them off) and it puts you off from buying it. With this palette there's none of that, there's an equal selection of matte and shimmer and the shimmer ones aren't really over the top, just enough shimmer to make it classy. Most of the tones are earthy browns or pinks and there's a coal'y colour at the end, my favourite tones that I wear everyday are cream soda and toasty, but I have been experimenting with pinkier tones and even shimmer in the daytime, how daring! This palette has definitely become a staple in my makeup bag and it doesn't look like it's going to run out anytime soon, nice going Gareth for spotting this because I had no idea it existed.     

5.LUSH Unicorn Horn Bubblebar 
I actually picked this up today, but I already know before I even use it, it's going to be one of my favourite bubblebars. It's that ylang ylang oil, every Lush product with that stuff in just sends me to the moon when I smell it. It's part of their Valentines Day range I think, but I like it because it's not proper in your face with the smell of roses, it isn't bright pink and it doesn't really make me think of Valentines, which is a good thing because you know my feelings on that day! I'm very excited to use this either tomorrow or tonight and I think because it is pretty big and long, it'll last me around 4 baths, super scrimper over here. 

6. Vegan Dr Martens 
These were my main Christmas present and I remember ordering them around October time and being so excited. They haven't left my feet since, they are honestly the comfiest things I've had on my feet, I was kind of dreading to go through the 'break in' process of Dr Martens like my last ones, but because these are vegan, they are much softer underfoot. People keep telling me they wont last as long as my leather ones did, but I am hopeful for them, they've already seen a lot of mud and even snow already and they seem to be pretty alright with it. After wearing Dr Martens for years it's so nice to have some back on my feet, I feel at home in my own shoes again, also I can now wear an infinite number of garish cozy socks again, the perks of high ankle boots! 

I have also been enjoying my gorgeous new laptop that I got for Christmas as a surprise from my parents (no more Mr Pink!) and I think it has given me a new motivation to blog more, I think it might be the keyboard, it's so clicky! I've also succumbed to Windows 10 and am actually happy with this situation, after years of Windows 6/7 it's a great change! 

Also can we talk about Making a Murderer, my god I loved that TV series so much. I love documentaries that make you think and in this you basically play the role of a detective, a real old fashioned 'who did it'. I'm also reading 'Dark Places' by Gillian Flynn which is all about murder and wrong convictions, so I am really immersed in the forensic side at the moment, just call me chief detective Ciara!

What was your favourite treasure?


  1. loved making a murderer as well, so crazy! obsessed with dr martens as well :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Ah it was so great and yeah I don't know what other shoes I would wear!