A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 8 February 2016

This week has consisted of finishing work towards a deadline, working really hard so I hit this deadline and then realising that the deadline has been extended and I could have spent more time watching films in bed! Ah well at least it's nearly finished now and I don't have to rush. I've also been at home which has been nice dog sitting and trying to stop world war 3/cats vs dogs ensuing in my household, what a lot of fun. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Feeling better in myself- I've been feeling pretty down recently and I blamed it all on January blues but I think it was a little bit more than that. My anxiety has been nothing but high and it's just getting in the way and I was finding it harder and harder to manage it. But after many a conversation from people who I love very dearly, I've decided that it's wasteful to wallow and from now on, no matter how bad my anxiety gets I'm just going to take it as it comes and give myself sick days for when I need them (because you know it's the same as having a cold) but in the meantime, appreciate the fact that I'm not anxious that day and I can have a normal day and that feels great. (That got a little deep and cheesy for my liking, lets move along). 

- Dark Places- I finished the book and it was indeed dark in many places (see what I did there I hate myself). I loved it from start to finish even though I did have to keep reading Amy Pohler's autobiography in-between because I got too scared! Flynn's writing style is so immersive and like Gone Girl I liked the characters you're meant to hate, I love how she doesn't make decisions for you in her books. I then watched the film on the same night and was pleasantly surprised, it was less violent (which is maybe a good thing) and it did miss out some very important details, but the characters were well cast and the cinematography was unusual and really represented the twisted plot. I would definitely read the book first though. 

- Being home and being surrounded by animals- When I'm at Uni I miss my cats everyday, but I also miss dogs, you don't see a lot of dogs at Uni and when your used to walking around 11 dogs every weekend it can leave you with a dog shaped hole in your heart. A weekend of dog sitting was what I needed and also there was a horse thrown in to look after (oh country life) I had a great weekend, even though I now keep finding hay in the pockets of my coats!

- The walk I went on today- People came to view our house and I didn't really fancy being viewed along with it so I went on a walk to our local park armed with camera and sketchbook. I hadn't been to the park since the floods happened in Carlisle and apparently it was underwater, the river was still pretty high and the ground was marshy, but I managed to get some nice melancholy shots. I was surprised to look up and see hay in the trees, I'm guessing this is because of hay-bails floating and getting caught on the trees during the floods, an unusual concept when you think about it but I'm guessing bails full of hay do float? Here are my slightly sad and blue pictures:

What I have been listening to this week:

Daughter's new album is amazing and great for doing work to, a little happier than their last album but I still love it, my favourite track at the moment is Alone/With You the lyrics are really clever and although it's about questioning being in a relationship I can still kind of relate to it, maybe it's the lyric that says 'I should get a dog or something'. 


How was your Monday?

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  1. I had no idea Daughter released a new album. Definitely checking it out soon. It's wonderful to hear that you've been feeling a bit better, Ciara, cheers to an even better week!

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin'