A Not So Blue Monday

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

This week has been filled with hard work but with a much better reward. I am now home with my family for Easter and because I worked so hard before leaving, I now have little Uni work to do, three cheers for that. I will be spending Easter eating lots of porridge and fruit, planting things, feeding horses and catching up with friends, I'm very excited for these prospects. These are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Being home for Easter- I know I've been home a lot lately but it's a lot different when everyone's home and you know you're going to be home for longer than a weekend, meaning you can un-pack and settle into daily routine. Gareth's also here with me which is nice because now we can spend some quality time together. 

- The Aliens- I love the concept of this Tv series and Michael Socha, need I say more?

-Pizza Express- As a Birthday treat for my Mum and Gareth we went to Pizza Express, it was yummy as always and I love all the vegan alternatives on the menu, it's great being vegan and being able to eat out because I tell you it's a rare occasion. 

-10 Cloverfield Lane- Gareth and I went to see it over the weekend and my goodness it was so tense, but so good. John Goodman's character is so complex and the script is great, the only thing that let me down were the actual aliens, but as I said to Gareth as soon as you see the thing that scares you in films, it's always a let down. But the psychological/nice shots and script factor is top notch. 

-#westandforzoe- Zoella's been getting a lot of slack lately from the press, which is completely un-fair because, as she stated in her last vlog she only wants to give people who are having a shit day; 20 minutes of happiness. But the Sun lept at the opportunity to shun' her after she posted a snapchat in her Calvin Klien underwear calling her 'risque' because of her career. Of course this is completely wrong, she has been slut shamed for this and been called worse things and she addressed it on Twitter today which caused her followers to begin posting similar pictures in her support. I love this idea and how the hashtag got trending and the amount of support she has behind her. It really shows the power of the internet and how people come together, I love that such a negative thing against her was turned to such a positive she deserves it to say the least!

What I have been listening to:

Still the 1975: What can I say that album is perfect and I can't stop, I feel lost if I don't listen to it at least once a day!

How was your Monday?


  1. Coziest photograph ever, that bowl of porridge looks wonderful! Sad how bloggers and ladies are being slammed lately.. xxxxx


    1. Aw thank you it was! And I know especially in this day and age.

  2. Aw I love this! I feel like I should do more 'things that make me happy' style posts. Totally agree with the Zoella thing - why are people so quick to lash out at her? That photo of her in bed was not risky at all, I totally don't get it. She looked adorable in my opinion. 10 Cloverfield Lane was awesome - John Goodman is so so amazing. Plus, Pizza Express is always a win for me. Hope you have an amazing Easter break m'dear and have a nice time with the family xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. They are such a lovely way of focusing on the positives. And ah I totally agree she is getting so much shit lately! And thank you I hope you had a great Easter too.

  3. I definitely want to start doing more inspirational posts about things that I'm grateful for and 'happy for'. Also ridiculous about Zoella - definitely shows the power of team internet! xxx