A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

This week has been filled with decisively dodging all my responsibilities and then letting them clump up into one great horrible mass until I had to recognise them. I wouldn't say that's the best way to deal with things, but my bed limbo is behind me now and after finishing another whole Tv series in a day scenario I finally sprang out of bed with the energy I needed to proceed with Uni coursework and all the other more mundane tasks that mounted up over that period of time. I had a gig on Sunday and being an ambivert; once I got home I realised I was extremely emotionally exhausted from talking to strangers all day and performing infront of a big group of people, so I took a day or two to hibernate and now I can carry on as normal! (I have a weird brain) Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

100 Day Project- Because I have to create a 1 year portfolio for my future art therapy course, I have taken up the 100 day project on Instagram where you create something for 100 days. You can follow my portfolio instagram here if you want, so far I've just been randomly painting which I don't normally do so that's been interesting.

Another year of Uni down- That's right, second year of Uni is over and my gosh it's going so quickly! I'm basically a third year now and that's terrifying but also pretty exciting.

LEMONADE- Oh my good gracious Bey's back and her new visual album is bloody fabulous. I've watched the hour long film three times now and can't stop listening to the songs. This album I believe we needed and the issues it addresses are very important for 2016, she came and she slayed, so much respect.

Game of Thrones- Look what else is back! I watched it yesterday and as soon as I heard the music I felt all fuzzy inside, the first episode was great, I have so many questions, so many.

Flowers- A Tv series that started last night on channel 4. It's poignant and hilarious at the same time, Jullian Barrat and Olivia Coleman are brilliant and it's definitely got those Tannenbaums vibes, rather like if Wes Anderson ever created a Tv series, I'm obsessed.

What I have been listening to:

LEMONADE- All day, everyday. My favourite songs are Hurt Yourself ft Jack White (Jack White tho), Daddy Lessons a weird upbeat country song in the middle of this album of hurt and anger and Freedom ft Kendrick Lamar I'm obsessed with this song and I love the message but being a white, privileged westerner I feel like I can't sing along to it, I think it's very important to recognise the demographic this album is for, as someone tweeted the other day 'us white girls are only mere eavesdroppers' and I think that's very important.

How was your Monday?

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