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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Lipstick has never confided in me. I think it's due to the fact I have the thinnest, smallest lips of anyone I have every known, my mouth in general is pretty small and according to my dentist I still have 'child' teeth cheers love. Because of this I tended to steer away from lipstick, but sometime last year I bought a dark Kate Moss shade from Rimmel and I grew to love it after compliments from people and not feeling like a creepy narrow lippe'd fish! But alas I cannot re-purchase Rimmel because they test on animals (boooo!) this put me in a dilemma because I found my one true lipstick and it was heartlessly taken away from me. I began to have a look into cruelty free lipsticks but found that some (Charlotte Tilbury/Kat Von D) are incredibly expensive and because I don't wear lipstick a lot I didn't want to spend that amount of money on something I would wear only in a blue moon. 

My calls were answered at summer time when I was looking for something to brighten up my lips, I went to the BarryM counter and picked up shade 1 of the 'Matte Me Up' lip crayons. I must have been feeling pretty daring that day because the packaging colour is very bright, but I ended up loving this shade and wearing it almost everyday through summer, so much for my lipstick phobia. I was quite happy with just owning the one of these until recently when I had a little peek in super drug and found the beautiful red shade (shade 5) and I must have had another brave moment because I pictured myself wearing it even though I tend to stay away from bright face products because of my hair, but I pictured myself Ginger Rogers style and picked it up with high hopes. I also purchased shade 3 in the same day, just because it was a BOGOHP deal. 

It's safe to say that my lipstick fear has vanished thanks to these three nifty little crayons. I think it might be the crayon-ness that I like the best, or maybe the shades themselves, or the matte texture. I don't know I just know that there are so many good points about these lip crayons. I wore shade 5 to Uni one day which is very daring of me, along with many compliments achieved the lipstick also stayed on for the whole day. Picture a stressful day at Uni in back to back 3 hour lectures on statistics, then a whole hour of coursework and a salad and the bloody thing stayed on! There is however one flaw to these crayons and that's the way they are crayons, meaning they run out rather quickly and they tend to break and fall out of their casing very easily. Which I found out on the morning after a night out, I opened my beloved shade 1 and the whole stick had gone! Vanished! I must have broken it off in a drunken stupor.

Although these lip crayons do not pass the drunk Ciara test of throwing things in her handbag viscously, they still are fabulous. Their colour range is good, not as good as some but after researching BarryM are bringing out some more for the summer! They are really highly pigmented which causes them to stay on all day, you can even eat salad! And best of all they are cruelty free, meaning no guilt, which means more purchasing, more purchasing of more shades will definitely ensue soon!

Let me know if you have tried these lip crayons 
and if so which shades would you recommend? 


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