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Thursday, 28 April 2016

April's been a great month for music, full of new bands and older people on the scene coming out of the woodwork once again. Obviously the new music that everyone is talking about is LEMONADE Beyonce's new visual album and if it was on Spotify, I think every single song from that album would be on this playlist, but alas it is not but this playlist does include a cheeky Kanye track!

Tom Odell's back. I'm so happy about this, he is one of my faves, especially on a rainy day when everything feels a little glum, his dulcet tones really suit those moods. Although his new singles Wrong Crowd and Magnetised are much more upbeat than his older stuff and I am looking forward to hearing his new album to see if he sticks to this theme. Issac Gracie has been on my new favourites list for a while now, his music really reminds me of Jeff Buckley. I love the echoeness' of the guitar and the lyrics are wonderful, he has such a gentle yet still powerful voice and he's another one of those artists that are perfect for those slightly blue days. Picking up the pace abit are my new favourite indie rock band VITAMIN, I read about them in NME and then gave them a listen, their new song This isn't Love is all you need to get you out of bed in the morning, their music is in a way like taking your morning VITAMIN (see what I did there). Kanye's back everybody incase you didn't know! I finally got to listen to his new album and I was pleasantly surprised, there are a few tracks that do make my skin crawl but there are a few I really love, especially his new single Ultralight Beam, I thought this track however is such a clever intermission to an album, Kanye is known for being obnoxious and arrogant and hats off for someone with a personality like that to take the piss out of themselves and that's what that song is about and it's hilarious. Another band that are back on the scene are The Lumineers, I was always abit meh' about their last album and once I heard Ho Hey for the 1000th time it put me off them abit. This album is kind of the same to be honest it's abit meh' I wouldn't listen to it all the way through again, however there are some songs in there that I would pick out and my favourite is Ophelia I think maybe because I've always felt connected to the character of Ophelia because of the painting and all that but it is a really catchy folk song and I find myself humming it through the day, lets hope it's not going to be the new Ho Hey! I have just discovered Mystery Jets I know, they've been around since what the 90's maybe the 00's? But they've never slipped into my Indie radar and I wish they had, I'm now obsessed. They're such a good walking-down-the-street-thinking-you're-in-an-indie-movie kind of band and their new song bubblegum is poppy' and great and the guitar riff tho.   


If there isn't one of these posts for May, just know that I can't stop listening to Beyonce and yes also The 1975 still, sorry about it. 

What music have you been enjoying through April?

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