Treasure Hunt | March

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Guess who left The 1975's new album in her Mum's car so it couldn't be featured in this photo, much apologies. March was a month in which I could spare a little bit of money, just a little bit, so I treated my face the most. Shall we crack on?:

1. Lush Lip Balm in Key Lime Pie 
Because it's been pretty cold outside my lips have been suffering a lot. I have never been the biggest fan of lip balms because I have this theory, especially about Vaseline that they purposely make your lips dryer so you buy more and more product (just call me a conspiracy theorist). I don't know where I got this fact from but I have tried an awful lot of lip balms and my lips always end up dryer than they began with! So when I was doing my weekly browse in Lush (yes it's become weekly) I picked up the popcorn lip balm but immediately put it down when I spotted this one, the smell is just glorious; sweet lime is one of my favourites and so refreshing. It was a tad' expensive I think for a lip balm but it really does do its job well and keeps your lips hydrated all day, along with a lovely taste that makes you want key lime pie constantly!

2. Thirteen 
This month has been great for Tv series and I've got into so many now I'm finding it hard to catch up with them all. One that I have been watching religiously though is Thirteen an online only Tv series about a girl who was held captive for thirteen years in a man's house. It focuses more on events that happen after her escape and how she adapts to life outside but there is also many a plot twist in this program. I loved it so much, the acting quality was amazing apart from some secondary characters but I can bypass that because the script and cinematography was amazing. It's only a short series which means it's very easy to catch up on so go give it a watch. 

3.BarryM Matte Me Up Lip Crayon in Shade 3
I wont go too much into detail with this because I've recently written a blog post about my range of these. But I have been wearing this shade almost everyday which is good going for a non lipstick lover!

4.Eco Tools Brush Kit 
After my convert to cruelty free beauty I didn't really want to throw my existing brushes away because I thought it would be a waste. I waited until they were looking abit frayed and used up before I threw them in the bin and purchased these lovely sets from Eco Tools. I love these brushes and use them almost everyday, my favourites are the contour brush, the powder brush and I literally love all of the eye brushes. They are so soft and beautifully made I have a feeling they will last a long time if I look after them. They were also special edition so they have a really cute floral design on them which just adds to their lovely-ness and they now hold a very special place in my heart. 

5. I Like it When You Sleep for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of it
I know I haven't stopped talking about this album but; not being over dramatic or anything but it has changed my life, no seriously. I can't go a day at the moment without listening to it, I listen to it in order because the arrangement of the tracks is just so perfect. I have always been  a huge 1975 fan but I am yet to see them live which I will hopefully sort out soon! Matty Healy is a poet and along with his lyrics and the rest of the band's accompaniment with the added theremin or saxophone it creates such a  pleasing sound. My favourite songs if I have to choose on the album are UGH, A change of heart, The ballad of me and my brain, Somebody else, Paris and She lays down. It's such a different array of tunes, you have the dancy' ones at the beginning and then the album gets more reflective and much more sad and surprise, surprise that's my favourite part. I also love that there are instrumentals in there which are brilliant to listen to when doing work or even like I have started doing; yoga. I can't compliment this album enough, it's honestly my favourite album of 2016, I'm not even going to say so far because I don't think nothing else this year will top it:

"And when you were coming across as clever then you lit the wrong end of your cigaretteYou said I'm full of diseases Your eyes were full of regret And then you took a picture of your salad And put it on the internet" 

See what I mean? Absolute genius. 

What was your favourite treasure?

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