New Camera & a Castle

Thursday, 19 May 2016

This week has been grand, I turned 21 and Gareth moved into his new workplace up the road from my house. This makes me excited for summer and what's coming around the corner, I love that we are living so close to each other but we're still living separate lives and working separate jobs. Also did I mention that the place where Gareth's volunteering is a castle? A bloody real, massive castle! And being good friends with the owner means I can come up and down to the castle as I please, so I get to see my boyfriend and sleep in a massive bed and eat nice food in a bloody massive castle, you jel yet? There are also plenty of animals at the castle to talk to and look after and did I mention it's massively haunted, I haven't seen anything yet but I've heard stories and I'm just glad that I'm okay with the paranormal because if I wasn't I don't think I would be able to stay there with the spooky vibes it gives off at night, but I have been told that all the ghosts are friendly and positive spirits, so that's all well and good. 

For my Birthday I was given a brand new camera, I've had my Sony for around 5 years and it was time for an upgrade, so I chose a Canon 100D and I've already fallen in love with it. The quality you get from this little DSLR is amazing and it's so simple to use. It's really brought me up to date with my photographs and I now want to pick up my camera on a regular basis and capture everything! It's definitely my new baby and I can't wait to take it everywhere with me this summer and the summers to come. I'm still getting used to all the high quality setting that my camera didn't have, but here are some shots I've taken so far from the castle grounds:

  I literally feel like a princess at the moment, might buy myself a ball gown to sail down the huge stone staircase in the morning awaiting my servants to get me some orange juice. This is the life. 


  1. Your boyfriend volunteers at a castle? What does he do?! It sounds so magical! Also, the photos you've taken with your new camera are GORGEOUS!


    1. He does indeed! He helps maintain the garden and feed all the animals, he's also making a film for them and managing their website so busy,busy hahaa. And thank you so much, I'm still getting used to the gorgeous quality!