Treasure Hunt | April

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

This month I have discovered quite a few treasures that have changed my life in a good way, so I thought I would share. Let's crack on:

1. Master of None 

I was browsing for a new Tv series and because new Orphan Black had just came out which can be quite violent and harrowing, I wanted something lighter. I found my feel good Tv series in Master of None, I watched it all in one day and I just loved it, nothing much happens and it's just about the life of this American Tv extra trying to get through life in New York with friends but the humour in it and the satire is something I haven't seen before in this kind of Tv series. It's like a mixture between a sitcom and a satirical comedy and Aziz Ansari's script writing really shines through. There is also a tiny cast which makes it easier to keep track of characters and the plot lines of each episode revolve around a theme which I found really clever. It was a perfect uplifting Tv series but I don't think I want anymore because of the ending (no spoilers don't worry) and I think it's perfect as it is as a little uplifting, quiet corner of Netflix, if you haven't watched it yet I would thoroughly recommend. 

2. Mandala clear iphone 6s case 

I was sick of my boring but protective phone case. So I decided to try and look for one of the same brand but with a little colour on it. Because I love the colour of my phone I wanted to stick to a clear phonecase with only a little image on or something, I found this mandala one on Amazon and didn't realise it was slightly pink, but I don't mind because it's so beautiful and summery. It's also really protective and has a raised front to protect your screen if you drop it so really it's the best of both worlds!

3. Asda Free From choc crispie bar 

I've been a relatively un-healthy vegan this month. I don't know why, just a lot of craving for that sweet stuff and so to reward myself I bought one of these in Asda for 43p! The next day I went back and bought 4 more! They are so mourish and the none dairy chocolate is wonderful and not plastic or tacky at all, also they are filled with rice crispies so you get that lovely crunchy texture which most vegan chocolate bars don't have, safe to say they're the first thing to go in shopping basket now!

4. StylelikeU Youtube channel 

As you know I have been discovering a lot of people on Youtube at the moment and my subscription feed is getting bigger and bigger! But when Gareth showed me this particular video  about a wonderful human called iO I fell in love with this channel and the message they are delivering. They have been on Youtube for many years but have just began to gain the reception they deserve. They started a project called the 'what's underneath project' where they invite people with different stories into their studio and ask them to undress whilst being interviewed. The concept is to show that our style does not define us, instead we as a person define our style. I think this is so important and should be talked about more and I'm just so glad this channel exists, when I feel down about the world or about myself I watch a tonne of these videos and they make me feel so much better, I would love to work with them one day, thank you to this channel for existing.  

5. Lush Eau Roma toner water 

The women in my family have been blessed with a thing called spider veins and redness and now I am nearly 21 I have been noticing small veins on my cheeks appearing and although I'm not too bothered, I would like to stop them in their tracks before I'm 50 and bright red! My mum told me to start now because she didn't, Gareth told me to stop taking long hot baths; sacrilege! I can't do that. I went to my lovely friends at Lush and told them about my predictive problem and they told me about this rose toner water that tones down redness and keeps spider veins at bay. They told me to use it along with my cleanser and after I have done any exercise or gotten out of my beloved hot bath. I don't know if I can see any differences yet but if it stops anymore veins appearing then I know it's doing its job. It's also incredibly refreshing on the skin and I'm looking forward to spritzing it in summer.  

6. Naval Oranges 

Talking about redness, the ladies at Lush and my mum also told me to uptake my orange consumption. Oranges are famous for reducing skin redness and spider veins and from what I've read if you eat at least one a day it will keep those pesky veins at bay! I also love oranges and normally tend to go for the little easy peel satsumas instead of these big boys but now I am a changed woman who will eat a whole orange for breakfast and it will keep me full until lunch. It's also almost orange season meaning they will be much juicier and full of nutrients, meaning my summer snack will be oranges, oranges, oranges. Have I said oranges enough? ORANGES. 

Bit weird this bunch, but these are all my treasures of April. 
What's your favourite treasure?


  1. The clear Mandala iPhone case is lovely! Master of None is one that I've watched for a while now, your post has just reminded me to start watching it when I've finished Daredevil! xxx

    1. It is isn't it I'm in love, keep turning my phone around just to see it hahaa!

  2. I love the clear Mandala I Phone case, it's so pretty. That chocolate sounds yummy, I'll have to give it a go. Great post!

    Ella xx

    1. It is isn't it and omg please do I think it's the tastiest I've had for the price!