A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 6 June 2016

I haven't been around here for a while, I thought it was time to take a wander past again. There is no excuse for not being around, I've just been settling into the rhythm of summer and reconstructing my daily routine, it's been pretty strange but I think I've got it down now. So hopefully I'll be wandering past here much more often. 

These are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

-Drinking with a pig- On Friday we had a shindig' at the castle and halfway through getting pretty gazebo'd we looked behind us and low and behold Huffer one of the resident castle pigs had broken out of her pen to join the party. As we cried with laughter she continued to knock over a bottle of prosecco and eat someone's shoe, it was at that moment I realised that drinking in the country is so much better than drinking in the city!

-A trip to Preston- Not so long ago we went to Preston for a week to do nothing but eat takeaways and watch films with some of my favourite people. It was the best rest bite week ever and I really needed it. I even classed it as a holiday because I felt so darn relaxed. 

-Summer clothes- When I was in Preston I took a trip to Primark and decided to stock up on a more updated summer wardrobe. I didn't expect to get as much as I did but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm hoping to do an outfit post this week to show you the lovely things I got for not much money. 

-Tinned red peppers- Yes it's a strange one, but these little beauties have improved my summer salads so much. I'd never tried them before and after watching a cooking program with them in I decided to try them, I didn't think they would taste any different but they're so much sweeter, they are the perfect thing for a wrap or a salad especially when pared with sun-dried tomatoes. 

-Peaky Blinders- I have always been an avid fan and while we were in Preston we celebrated the arrival of the third series with a Peaky marathon right from the start. Tommy Shelby is such a complex character and I just love everything about the production of it, the fashion as well, the plot, just everything. Also Cillian Murphy's cheek bones are pretty alright too!

-Game of Thrones- Unlike season 5 it wasn't a slow start and I have really been enjoying the storylines at the moment. Daenerys is kicking ass with her dragons and *whispers* is still alive what else could I ask for?!

-Being back with my cats- My cats make me happier than anyone could make me sometimes (sorry Gareth) their little paws and personalities are all I need to feel better after a shitty day. I've come to discover that a cats purr is actually my favourite sound in the whole world and after some research I found that it has healing and calming qualities. I'm going to start carrying Louie everywhere with me! Here are some more cute pics of Louie boo:

What I have been listening to:

This precious cover of I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Tom Odell- He's completely turned the whole song on its head and when the lyrics are stripped back, this upbeat dance tune becomes heartbreaking. 

How was your Monday?


  1. I agree with you on GOT, this series is amazing but I refuse to mention Daenerys in case I jinx anything!! Your cat is absolutely beautiful x

    Em / www.positivelystupendous.co.uk

    1. Ah that's very sensible of you hahaa! And he is isn't he, he sure knows it as well.

  2. PEAKY BLINDERS. Me and my boyfriend started it 4 days ago and are already onto season 3. It is soooooo good! And hell yes, I can't get enough of Cillian;s cheek bones - they've been crafted by angels!

    And I HEAR YOU soul sister - my cat makes me happier than most humans so I am so with you on that. These pictures of your little kitty are literally making my heart happy. I LOVE them. What a TOTAL babe.

    Katie xx ¦ La Coco Noire

    1. It's the best isn't it and I totally agree they are something god-like! And I'm so happy that you share the same feelings for cats as I do, I get called strange but honestly their company is better than most humans hahaa! And thank you I'm sure he'd love to hear he has been referred to as a 'babe' hahaaa!