A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 27 June 2016

I know I haven't written a blog post in ages when I get itchy fingers and the urge to write something. So here I am, I'm back. These past 2/3 weeks have been really exciting, I went to Amsterdam which I'm currently in the process of writing a post about and I've been catching up with friends, doing charity walks, riding a horse and cart and taking the summer in its stride. I told you it was exciting, After Amsterdam and a few lazy days I was struck down in the prime of life with an un-known illness which wasn't fun, but now I'm back and raring to go! These are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

-Glastonbury footage- After finding out about the EU referendum result, I thought all hope was lost. We became a nation divided, abuse was thrown all over the internet and face to face, we hate the politicians and what they did to this country (especially the one that lied about the claim on that huge fucking bus) (you know the one). The news was extra negative and the only 'positive' take was the right wing media being smug and rubbing it in the lefties faces. I crawled into bed after a long day of staring at the news and worrying about my future, I turned on the telly and popped Glasto on and immediately my mood changed. I saw a crowd united as one, all music lovers all there for one reason, I saw Adele's set which was so good and so down to earth it brought me to tears, I saw so many bands speak out about how we need to love each other and stick together and I saw so many people having the time of their lives and it immediately cheered me up. My faith in humanity was restored and it was lovely to see there are still good things happening when a shitty situation is going on. 

- Game of Thrones- That battle scene was just omg, it was so clever and the shots were amazing and just the whole episode was just YASSSS! I don't think I exhaled for the whole episode. 

-Orange is the New Black- It's been a great time for telly recently and this particular series I think topped them all. It was dark and thoughtful and funny in all the right places, I think I might watch the whole series again very, very soon!

-Charity walk- Myself and the people I work with took part in a charity walk for The Guide Dog Trust. It was all uphill and more difficult than I thought it was going to be, but so rewarding because the views at the top were absolutely spectacular and we raised around £900. It was a lovely day to be with my fellow employees outside of work and it was so nice to do something outside of work for charity. 

-Winning an art competition- The castle that Gareth works at held an art competition the other day and I entered because I thought it would be a good way of getting a piece of work done for my none-growing portfolio. But to my surprise I won the category for under 24s and won a beautful box of Derwent colour soft pencils and £30! Alright going for something that I whipped up over 2 days, I think this will really motivate me to make more art and start putting together my portfolio. 

What I have been listening to:

Christine and the Queens- I have literally been obsessed with this woman and her dance moves! Her music is so unique and skilled and the fact she's French just puts a classy tone to everything she creates, I love her lyrics aswell and what they stand for. 

How was your Monday?

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