Garden Appreciation

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Yesterday evening when I went up to the castle to see Gareth, my mum took us round the garden for a tour because she is brilliant with plants and knows all the names of the flowers, even the Latin ones! I myself am not a completely avid gardener, of course I appreciate flowers and nature in all its forms but I have to be in a certain mood to dig around in some soil. Gareth and my mum however will quite happily spend all day out there and I am pleased because this means I can photograph the beautiful plants that come out of a tiring process like gardening (I get the easy job). So I got a bit snap happy yesterday with my new camera and here are some of the photos I favoured, I've been practicing a lot with macro and I think I've just about cracked it:

It was a beautiful evening and as we were pre-occupied with the garden, a heavy mist from Scotland came round the corner and blended with the sunlight, it was amazing because you could actually see the mist moving along the hills. It could have almost been the set of a horror movie, if it wasn't so glorious and sunny at the same time, I then found a dock leaf that had been bitten multiple times, it was so delicate and fragile that you could see the light through it. 

Being around gardens and gardeners  has really made me appreciate nature and the hard work that has been put in to keep them maintained, I get to photograph this beautiful place because so many people work so hard keeping it so beautiful. I'm definitely going to educate myself in gardening much more and you never know, by next year I might even be able to know all of those Latin names! I'm so happy Gareth is living in this piece of paradise. In his own words 'when you're surrounded by things like this, there is nothing to complain about'. 

Do you appreciate your garden?

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