A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 18 July 2016

This week has consisted of work, work and more work but I'm not too bothered because right now I need the money and I'm getting used to the one hour bus journeys, breaking them up with good books. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Pokemon Go - Yes, I joined the bandwagon and what a great bandwagon it is! As a child of the nineties/noughties as soon as this game came out in the UK I knew I needed it. The media have really jumped on this game calling it a 'negative phenomenon' but I think the only thing I can see from this amazing app is positive. Most of the people that are targeted towards this game are the kind of people that wouldn't go outside as a hobby, this game is getting them outside in the fresh air, so what if they're just staring at their phone they are getting all the benefits of being outdoors. It's psychologically beneficial and if a child does fall off a cliff, well it's their own fault and a Gyarados would probably eat them anyway. 

Also with the awful things going on at the moment in the world and all the un-certainty happening right now, something that brings us all together even if it is a 'stupid game that steals all your information and makes you look at your phone all day' (which its not) should be celebrated and not shunned. There's worse things going on in the world at the moment pals, lets all stick together and catch em' all!

- Seeing Emily - My best friend is home from Uni for a month. She makes me glow from the inside out and she means so much to me it'll be so nice to have some quality time with my bestest pal in the world, lots of time to go for long walks, sketch books in hand and all the wine. 

Like everybody, I've had a slightly difficult week. The news isn't too great at the moment and decisions seem to keep getting made for us. Hopefully the universe will come right again this week but right now we just need to stick together and remember the little things. I hope your Mondays have been the best they can be and I hope you catch a Pikachu or two!

How was your Monday?

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