A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

I was going to write this post on time I promise, but I was struck down by a horrid cold and fell asleep watching Amy Schumer videos with Gareth instead, soz. This week has been filled with getting the last of the summer sun because, dare I say it I'm ready for autumn. I know for all you summer lovers out there it's whey,whey too early but I've already seen a few posts and tweets about it already, so I know my fellow autumn hopefuls are out there. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

A new family member - No, I'm not pregnant, ew. As you can probably guess from the photo we have taken in a new cat, well to be fair she decided to take us on by walking into the house one day. But don't worry we haven't stolen her, she definitely didn't have a home before hand. For a few months now we have seen this cat wandering around and my softy mum started feeding her. We made found posters and put them up all around the village and even the next town but we heard nothing back and after mum took her to the vets to find no microchip we decided she had been abandoned. She was still hanging around the house and on a rainy day we made the executive decision to let her in. We introduced her to my other two cats 2 weeks ago and after a lot of displays of hissing and handbags at dawn everyone did calm down. Because she's female my two know not to mess with her because (cat fact for you) in all cat breeds females are always dominant, girl power and that. I had the privelage of naming her and because she looks to me like a painting and she kind of has a mono-brow on her head although it's high up and she is also a strong independent, powerful woman I thought Frida was a fetching name, named after Frida Kahlo of course. So yeah, we have a new member of the house hold and she even has her own place on the sofa already, my little precious Frida. 

Pinterest - I caved, I finally got it and I haven't turned back. I'm in love. Emily told me to get it to get some inspiration for the portfolio I'm making and yes it is helping me with that but, there's just so much else, I've made so many boards and I now have a list of things that I want which I didn't even know I wanted, like a mermaid blanket oh my god I need a mermaid blanket in my life, where have I been? If you want to follow me and look at my boards and that (the autumn board's the best at the moment) here is the link, but please don't judge me, I am very new to this thing!

Girl on the Train - I started reading it 2 nights ago and I'm already hooked, I love the way it's written and I'm already really invested in the characters. I've been reading it on the bus to work which is weird because you know I'm on a bus, reading a book about a girl on a train and I'm a girl on a bus you know? weird? right? yeah? I'm so relatable. 

What I have been listening to:

Dermot O'Leary Saturday Sessions - My mum bought the Cd a few days ago and some of the covers, oh my. I love stripped back acoustic sometimes, my favourite track is Rudimental's version of Thinking Out Loud but it's all reggae and it fits the beat so well.

How was your Monday?


  1. Aw Frida is the cutest! I had no idea that female cats were the more dominant gender - that explains why my Luna thinks she's queen of everything haha!

    Lauren x

    1. She really is! And yeah it's like that in most mammal predators especially in the cat world and yeah that does explain it. Male cats just know when to stand down and not to mess I think hahaha!