Treasure Hunt | July

Sunday, 7 August 2016

July has been a packed month and I've mostly been picking up beauty things on the way, this is probably due to a one hour wait in my local town before work and filling in that time with lots of shopping oopsy! What a better way to pass the time though eh? Let's crack on:

1. Original Source Shower Gel - Watermelon & Jojoba Oil

I love Original Source and I love watermelon, so when I saw this new shower gel in superdrug it had to come with me. It's such a fresh scent and I've been using it in the morning to add some extra zing to my day. 

2. New Look Dungarees in Light Denim 

I found these in New Look's big summer sale after trying on so many dungarees that just weren't right, they were so skinny at the leg and I hate that. Then I found these at the back, they were cut into a different shape and much more like 'mom' jeans which I loved. Yes they were a size 14 and I'm an 8-10, 12 sometimes. But once I tried them on I fell in love and because they were dungarees and fastened at the top, it  didn't matter that they were a larger size on me. Big and baggy always wins! I have recently taken these babies to a music festival, paired with a Stone Roses tshirt and my docs, my dad told me I look like a Dexy's Midnight Runner, that's the look I was going for Father dear how did you know ?! 

Because these were in the sale I can't find them online anywhere but there are loads of dungarees in New Look at the moment, they will definitely be the perfect staple for autumn and winter. 

3. Superdrug Solait Factor 50+ Enhanced Sun Lotion 

If you've seen a photo of me or know me in person, you will know that I am so pale I am almost see through. In summer this kind of skin requires special care and I've been using factor 50+ since I was little. Even when it's a dull, stormy day in summer I will have sun cream on! But alas the suncream I was buying was from companies that test on animals, this is because 50+ is rare in organic and vegan stores and I was at my wits end knowing I was forced to buy cruelly because of my see through skin. But when I ran out of my horrendous Nivea kids sun lotion I went to Superdrug in search of that leaping bunny logo, I found it and was over the moon. This sun lotion is really impressive and I haven't been burnt since, I apply it twice a day and it stays on all day and it's also really mattifying so no shiny suncream face for me! 

4. Palmers Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo 

After my Lush shampoo bar ran out I was at a loss. I decided I wanted to try a liquid shampoo again and found this one where I work (wooo discount!) I already owned the Palmers coconut oil conditioner and putting the two together has really done my hair so much good. I love the smell of this stuff and it lasts in your hair for a long time and it also leaves my hair really sleek and soft, my hair! And the best thing about Palmers is that all their products are cruelty free and most (like this one) are vegan, who said us vegans cant have smooth, scented hair?!


5. New Look Wrist Watch 

I've wanted a watch for a while because when I'm at work I'm not always near a clock and accidentally sometimes do a little bit of overtime without being payed. I found this watch, again in the New Look summer sale (that sale was great) for only £5! I love the pattern on the inside which looks like a mandala and I like the rose gold  outer edge and black straps, very classy. Why do you need a Michael Corrs when you can have a nicer version for a fiver! 

6. Incense in Jasmine 

This month I went to Kendal Calling a large music festival, whilst there, there were loads of lovely stalls dotted about the place and I picked up a few things. When deathly hungover and slightly stoned I stumbled upon this little tent that had loads of incense, I ratched' around the stall for a while smelling all the incense and handing each one to Emily so she could smell it equally (stoned people do funny things) until I found this gorgeous scent and immediately bought it. It's quite a fresh smell for incense which is really unusual because most of them are really musky and I think that's why I like it so much. I love burning incense it instantly relaxes me and I have to say I have been sleeping better after burning this in my room everyday, best stoned decision ever!

7. The Bodyshop Shade Adjusting Drops - Lightening 

We have already established that I have pale skin. And having pale skin finds it hard to find a perfect shade of foundation or bb cream. I've been using the same bb cream for 2 years now and all though it does its job wonderfully I do find that sometimes when I catch myself in the light I am still a tad orange, especially now I'm using bronzer. When I saw these new lightening drops floating around the blogoshpere I knew I had to check it out. Now I have to say that I think the bottle is pretty small for the price and it is running out rather quickly but it's really done its job and brightened my face up, I put one drop on my foundation brush and blend both liquids in and you can really see the difference. I think I might even buy some proper foundation for the winter now I know I wont have an orange neck!

8. Stranger Things 

I'm sure you've heard about it from the hype by now but honestly it's worth everyone telling you to watch it, just watch it, it's the best small Tv series I've watched since Peaky Blinders and people who know my love for Peakys know I wouldn't say that lightly. Everything about this series works so well, the characters, the soundtrack, the storyline, everything. I love the 80's American vibe which is done so well it really transports you to that time, the child actors are phenomenal and their relationships are so thoughtful and complex. Winona Ryder is sensational actually when I think about it, all the acting is sensational, not one actor or one scene lets it down it's just the whole package and I need a second season in my life like right now! If you haven't watched it, watch it. If you're a film buff that gets off on perfect cinematography like me watch it, you won't be disappointed!

To be honest this month has made me feel a little materialistic, I have bought a lot but why not? I'm earning the money and I'm spending some of it on things that make me a little happier, whats wrong with that eh.

 What was your favourite treasure?

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