A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Yep, yep I'm a day late but I've been too busy making new friends and having a blast so that's better than any other excuse I've made. This week has been filled with settling into my new home and planning for the academic year ahead, which I thought would be scary but looking at everything I need to do and mapping out my dissertation plans I'm actually feeling quite positive and dare I say it quite excited (we'll see how that goes a few weeks down the line). Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- My new humble abode - As much as I love being at home it can get a little bit claustrophobic. I like to have my own space especially when I need to study a lot. My new home is lovely, I love my new room (room tour coming soon) and I love my new housemates to bits. They're both doing a PGCE course which means that all of our social lives are going to fall at the way side, but at least we can be old and grumpy together yeyy! The best part of moving to where I am though is the fact that there's a Lidl so near, as I'm writing this post I can literally see it out of my window! Oh my, think of all the cheap veg I can pick up I am so happy!

- New crystals - I visited a gem and rock museum recently and I picked these little wonders up. I chose amethyst because it's one of my favourite crystals and it is the stone of sobriety and protection, I already have an amethyst key ring that I take on night outs and it makes me feel much more comfortable so I thought I would feel even more comfortable if I had a slab of it by my bed as well. I also bought a piece of rose quartz because it is meant to clean the air and ease anxiety and even if crystal healing is just a placebo if it works for me I don't mind putting a rock on my head and wrists once in a while! Lastly I picked up some green agate just because it was pretty but as my mum discovered, green agate is my secondary birth stone, so I accidentally chose my birth stone and now I feel a true connection to this little piece of marbled green rock and after researching it also has qualities to ease anxiety and help with sleep, strange.        

- First night out as a third year - We went out, we had a blast, danced the night away etc. etc. But the next morning I had work and spent my whole shift teetering on the edge of passing out because I was so 'tired' (hungover). Why does this make me happy? Because I completed this shift without the inevitable happening and I feel proud of that, I willed my poor body to carry on and it did and I rewarded it afterwards with hummus and a massive nap, my body is a fucking temple and all that!

- Fleabag - Gareth and I watched one episode about a month ago but I forgot to catch up again. I watched the whole series last night and absolutely loved it. It was so clever and funny and realistic and un-realistic at the same time and relatable and the breaking of the 4th wall didn't fall flat it was done so cleverly, loved it and might just watch it again. 

What I have been listening to:

Bastille - Wild World - I've been waiting for so long for this to come out and now it has I can't stop listening to it. It's very early days right now but my favourite songs so far are 'fake it' their new single and the last track on the album 'winter of our youth' it's so anthemic and the album as a whole is much more mature in a way that you can tell this is a second album. I'm also so glad they've kept the inserts from random 80's and 90's  films and soundtracks that they have on their live shows which they're now kind of known for. Must go and see them live, I must. 


How was your Monday?


  1. Oh, I love collecting crystals! Such a calming hobby. Can't wait to see your room!