Vegan Cheese 'Haul'

Thursday, 29 September 2016

So there I was, flitting around Sainsburys thinking I would probably come out with some soy milk and maybe if I'm lucky, some vegan marge. But supermarkets are changing for vegans, every time I go into Sainsburys especially, they seem to have more and more choice. Along with the huge gluten free range they have for veggies and meat eaters, Sainsburys have started selling a range of vegan cheeses in different flavours. Different flavours you say? Yes a whole range of different flavours from plain ol' cheddar to wensleydale and cranberry!

I opted for the cheddar and caramelised onion, Greek style and the classic cream cheese. As soon as I got these home I needed to taste them, I tried to keep my expectations low seems as the last solid vegan cheese I tried was the Tesco medium soya cheddar and that shit tastes nasty, it tastes like vomit and socks honestly! I tried the caramelised onion and cheddar one first and was not disappointed, it's a very strong and mature flavour buts that's how I used to like my cheese so that didn't bother me. The taste of the sweet onion is gorgeous and it really tastes like what it says on the box, I was expecting the onion to be quite subtle but oh no, this stuff's perfect for cheese on toast and it melts exceptionally well for vegan cheese which I was surprised by, I'm currently nomming on this right now and it's my new favourite thing okay. The Greek style cheese tastes much creamier but is quite solid like Feta or Halloumi, I haven't tried this properly yet but I'm hoping it's solid enough to fry so I can recreate that halloumi burger I miss having in my mouth hole. The cream cheese is the one I'm still not too sure about, it's made from coconut which gives it a strange, subtly sweet flavour. But it's much more creamier compared to my beloved Violife cheese and I think it would be great for baking especially vegan cheese cake, yummy!

So my spontaneous trip to Sainsburys was a success, I'm now drowning in vegan cheese and I'm bloody loving it! They also last for a really long time meaning you don't have to eat it all at once, what a shame. Wensleydale and cranberry is definitely on the cards for next time! Also if you would like to know the recipe for the veg sausage and chickpea stew in the photo above, I could make that happen. 

All cheeses you can buy at Sainsburys:
Vegan cream cheese (plain)
Garlic and herb cream cheese 
Wensleydale and cranberry 
Cheddar and caramelised red onion 
Cheddar style 
Grated cheddar 
Greek style 


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