A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 3 October 2016

I've been trying to do a room tour blogpost for so long now but alas I have come to the conclusion that the lighting in my room is terrible, even in daylight. I think it's because my room is kind of in a corner of the house meaning I don't get an awful lot of natural light (which is going to be great for taking photos this year!) meaning some places in my room come out on the camera in darkness and yes I have tried to adjust the ISO and everything, but still no luck. What I was trying to say on this tangent is that I don't think I will be able to do a room tour this year, just because I can't publish photos that arent up to scratch. I'm gutted but I'd rather have that than the dreaded orange hue that just wont go away! Anyway apart from that I've had a pretty great week, here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Corbyn's back - I'm very open about my political beliefs and it is no secret I am a Corbyn supporter. So hearing the news that he won the Labour vote with an overwhelming amount of votes made me very happy and very hopeful for the young people like myself that need him right now. 

- Going to the zoo - Before you say 'OMG BAD VEGAN YOU MUST BURN IN VEG HELL FOR GOING 2 A ZOO' It's a conservation zoo meaning it gives a lot of money to help animal conservation in other countries and help protect species from hunting and deforestation etc. Also the park aims to make the habitats as realistic as possible giving the animals huge enclosures and giving them hidey holes to escape from the public eye, you don't feel like you are looking in on them, you feel like you've kind of been invited into their habitat. And yes zoos are still problematic, no matter how many bushes people plant in a tiger enclosure does not take away from the fact they are not in the wild, but whose fault is that? Humans and now we must do as much as we can to protect these creatures, even if it is putting them in a safe enclosure and educating the public about them. Also when all your friends decide to go to a zoo you are left in a difficult position of being left out or putting a few of your morals to the side and just go and have fun. 'BAD VEGAN' My inner voice tells me everyday since but what are you to do? Rant over. Anyway I fed some giraffes and some penguins which was magical and learnt a lot about certain species and chatted to the keepers and learnt about the animal's characters, it was just a wonderful day. Animals make me the happiest, especially when I know they are happy, healthy and well looked after.   

- Depop - Gareth and I have decided we want to be minimalists. Gareth's much more motivated with this than me because we all know I like my home comforts, but I do need to downsize and I'm going to try my best. I'm starting with a capsule wardrobe, meaning I'm getting rid of clothes that I wouldn't wear on more than 2 different occasions. It's working really well at the moment and Depop is helping me make a little bit of money as well which is always nice. Follow my Depop it's listed on my twitter and maybe buy something so I can eat this week (jokes). 

- Student Lock in - Yes I bought a lot, but I told myself I would treat myself on that day and I did indeed and it feels nice. I worked all summer but because I had to pay for bus tickets there and back I couldn't spend any of it on myself really, so when I was back at base I decided to save the money I would have had to spend on bus tickets and treat myself. Treat yo' self!

- The 1975 Live Lounge with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra - Everything about this gig was perfect apart from the fact that I couldn't go and had to watch it in bed with a box of tissues and a blanket. Tickets sold out so fast, I just didn't have a chance. It was magical though, even though I wasn't there, Matty's hair was fabulous and their music just merges so well with an orchestral sound. I just couldn't deal when Matty had a little cry and when they played Please Be Naked I lost my shit. The aesthetic was beautiful and everything was just on point, I think if I was there I would have had a spiritual experience, maybe I did from my bed who knows. Watching this concert live from my bed has just reestablished the fact that I have to go and see them live REALLY SOON before I just wither away from lack of Matty Healy vibes in my life, am I fangirling? Yes, yes I am. 

What I have been listening to:

After listening to The 1975 for 3 days in a row Matty mentioned this 'band' called The Japanese House on Twitter so the loyal fan girl that I am (really?) I gave them a listen and now I know why Matty likes them, they have a 1975 vibe but much more relaxed and mellow, I love their new single Face Like Thunder it's really funky and indie at the same time. After researching more into her The Japanese House is just one woman on her own which is cool and Matty and George have helped her produce the album, That's why the vibes are so similar, it just makes me love her more. 


How was your Monday?

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