A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 24 October 2016

This week has consisted of time spent with loved ones and lots of good TV and music. These are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Easy - After watching Freaks & Geeks I decided to look for a new Tv series that would be as light hearted and funny. I found the original Netflix series Easy which is a small series all about different sexual relationships and sex as a whole, you follow 8 different stories that sometimes intertwine with each other in quiet ways and it's really down to earth and effective. The way sex is portrayed is very realistic and the characters are very warming and flawed and human. I love the script and the way they aren't too heavy hitting, it's a perfect thing to watch when you're missing your other half a little bit and you want to feel warm and fluffy but with just a little pinch of drama, it's the perfect concoction for a series and I need them to make another one, immediately!

- Seeing Gareth - I haven't seen him in a almost 2 months and even though it was a short visit it was lovely to see his face and catch up properly. We've both been very busy but it's always comforting that we can find time for each other no matter how pre-occupied we are. We also went home for a night to, in Gareth's words 'see some cats' best excuse to go home ever. We also caught up with his family and our good friends at the castle. It's safe to say for only two days we fitted a lot in! I miss him already but I don't have to wait as long for next time. 

- Black Mirror - One of my favourite ever Tv series is back. I was sceptical about the Netflix take over but it seems that they have thrown a lot of money at this and it really payed off. Charlie Brooker's brain is still the front runner and I'm so happy about this because his ideas are so complex and terrifying, the second episode in particular made me fall into a huge existential crisis and I even started to question reality! I love this program and I'm so happy it's back and I'm so happy they haven't strayed away from the structure, the future is a terrifying thing okay. 

- Haley Blais's VEDIO - Haley is one of my favourite youtubers and I have just loved her videos through this month, she's hilarious and honest and her editing skills are on point, also she's a brilliant musician. She reminds me a lot of one of my best friends and I think that's why I'm drawn to her personality so much, she has just brightened every one of my October evenings. 

What I have been listening to:

JOANNE - Oh my goodyness me! She's back, my queen is back and I'm so happy. After listening to Perfect Illusion I was a little worried about whether I would actually like Joanne. Art Pop is not my favourite of her albums and I kind of thought it was going to be like that again, but I was pleasantly surprised when my ears were treated to piano ballads and tuneful guitar riffs and kick ass lyrics about girl power and solidarity. My favourite tracks at the moment are Joanne, Dancing in Circles, Sinners Prayer.. just the whole bottom half of the album to be honest, the duet with Florence is obviously my favourite and I definitely think it'll be mine and Emily's new drunken duet! But the song that stands out to me the most is Angel Down a harrowing piano ballad about issues in the world being ignored and the terrifying political debate happening in America right now, the lyrics say it all and it really makes you stop and think. JOANNE as a whole is a much more subtle album but it probably is one of the most powerful ones she's ever written, Mark Ronsen's production is all over the album and you can hear it through steady drum beats and electric guitar they make quite a pair and I think I'll be listening to this album back to back for a while. If you want me to do a full review please let me know, I could talk about this for hours!

How was your Monday?


  1. Your Monday sounds so lovely! Mine was filled with taking photos and carving pumpkins haha and today we went in to town to eat gingerbread :D I can't wait to check out your recommendations! Also, your hair is the most beautiful thing! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Ooo very seasonal activities there, lovely! Oh, my thank you so much!

  2. I've been hearing so much about Black Mirror. Sounds interesting. :]

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