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Monday, 17 October 2016

This post has been inspired by the lovely Noor, her blog provides me with endless creativity and inspiration, she's the best. These are the people I fan girl over on a daily basis, these are the people that culturally and socially construct my style, personality and creative flow. I hold them all very dear to my heart, fiction, dead or very much alive. Most of them are musical because my biggest inspiration comes from music and song writing, You know that question 'who would you invite to a dinner party alive or dead or fictional?' this would be my answer. There are of course many others that could have sat at my table, but these are the ones that are the most important at this time, I like to chop and change.  Now let's introduce my special guests:

Matty Healy- Like  Noor and Areeba  Matty is my number one person I tend to fan girl over at the moment. I think Matty introduced me again to what fan-girling' actually is, whenever I watch him or listen to him I feel this goosebumpy' feeling in my body and just a need to meet him and talk to him and maybe *cough* kiss him *cough*. No, I don't know who I have become either! I role my eyes at fan girls constantly but alas I am lost to Matty's undeniable coolness and hilarious egotism. I think I get a lot of inspiration from him because he is constantly working and creating, his lyrics are so well thought through and he's really found what makes him happy (as he's said in multiple interviews). I also love the fact that he's so down to earth and grounded, he has a dog called Alan for fuck sake! He's also incredibly flamboyant and not afraid to kick those gender roles in the stomach with his 6 inch platform boots. He's a character that completely fascinates me and I think out of this bunch right now, he would be the one that I would love to meet the most. Maybe I might one day, oh god I'm getting palpitations just thinking about it, shit, how do these fan girls do this with multiple people?! 

Stevie Nicks - I was introduced to Fleetwood Mac from an early age, my dad and I used to sing along to them on the school run. I then discovered pop punk and the Mac were demoted. But they've always been there and one day I decided to buy their greatest hits again and that was when my obsession with Stevie was born. That and the airing of American Horror Story Coven in which Stevie appears in two of the final episodes. I used to watch documentaries and screenshot them for the outfits that Stevie wore, I bought my first black kimono in Asda and spun around my room listening to Rhiannon. My obsession grew when my best friend Emily told me she loved them too and many of their songs I hold very dear to heart because they remind me of her. She's such a badass, I remember reading something about the production of Rumours and during the  recording of my favourite song Silver Springs she basically jumped Lindsey because the lyrics made her so angry and emotional she ran out of the booth and attacked him! I also love the witchy' vibes she brings with her to shows and the actual rumours (see what I did there?) that she's a genuine witch, who's to say she isn't she's fucking cool enough. Nicks inspires me through her music and her style, when I go on stage although it's just me and a guitar I try to channel Stevie's stage persona because she can light up a stage on her own, she also has inspired most of my wardrobe and I have to endlessly thank her for that.

Janis Joplin - One of my earliest memories sees me in the car with my mum singing along to Bobby McGee. My dad gave me a copy of her greatest hits when I was about 11 and it sparked a huge inspiration in me, I suddenly wanted to be on stage all the time like Janis was and wear my hair down and bushy and frizzy like Janis did. When I look back actually, Janis was the reason I still loved my hair in school, even though I got a lot of stick for it.  My mum told me that in an interview Janis once said that she got teased because of her hair too and to get back at them she just back combed it and made it bigger, once my technology teacher said I looked like Janis Joplin and I nearly burst with pride! I know Janis wasn't a perfect role model, but her legacy still lives on in little kids dreaming of being onstage and being proud of their red hair, her voice was just epic as well and so unique. I still take inspiration from Janis today and she will always be one of my favourite singers forever, she has a very special place in my heart.

Phoebe Buffay - We have a lot in common Phoebe and I, apart from the damaged childhood and the homelessness and all that. I share a lot of the same hobbies as her and many friends tell me regularly that I remind them of her, which makes me very happy because Phoebe is my absolute favourite, I think she makes the show. I love her personality and her comedy and now looking back on her style she would be very in-trend right now. We also like to play the guitar although I'm hoping my capabilities are a bit better than hers smelly cat, smelly caaaat! Phoebe inspires me through her optimism, she's had a tough life but she always sees the positive side and that's what I aspire to be like, maybe not as annoying as she is, but the optimistic, non-fur-wearing, hippy-lucifer-worshipping weirdo and that's who I want to channel.

Luna Lovegood - The Harry Potter fandom is one of the most important fandoms, just saying and I hold it very dear to my heart. I grew up with Harry Potter, I was at that golden age where the films synced perfectly with my journey into teenage-hood. The films were never too dark or scary for me because I grew up with them, the books were another story because I read the first three at a pretty young age, I remember Azkaban scared the shit out of me when I first read it! Anyway, the character that I relate to the most is miss Luna, we are both a little away with the fairies most of the time, we are very much idealists and we are Ravenclaw forever and ever. I love everything about Luna, I love her Irish whim, her fashion sense and her way with words and unusual spells that no one has heard of. I love how strong willed she is and that scene in the last film when she stands up to Harry is golden, I also love how optimistic and idealistic she is and I think that's the thing that most inspires me about her. Luna taught me to embrace my weird, wacky self and use it to help other people and bring a little bit of colour to the world, and one day I will make that lion head and wear it with pride!

Morrissey - Stephen Patrick Morrissey, my one true love. Although he's a bit of a dick now Morrissey in his prime was a force to be reckoned with, I know before you say anything I was not around in the 80's but I have watched every Top of the Pops interview there is with him and now I feel like I can say he was a game changer. He flipped pop on it's head with his melancholy lyrics next to uplifting guitar riffs, he used to waltz around the stage with flowers in his back packet, he was a very outspoken vegetarian and caused a whole generation of kids to write poetry and stop eating meat. No matter what you say about the man you can't argue he wasn't an influencer. Morrissey has influenced me in so many different ways, the biggest one being my opinion on animals and eating meat, his beliefs in veganism are questionable but nevertheless I remember watching the video for Meat is Murder and I was like that's it meat is never touching my lips again and it didn't. He has influenced my singing style to no end, when I'm singing a song I find myself doing these long, wavery licks like he does, I found myself dropping my voice a whole octave sometimes, but me doing that has made my voice become quite unique and I have Morrissey to thank for that. Morrissey also taught me to not give any fucks, he taught me that people might not like you, or get what you're about and that's absolutely fine. I will always love Morrissey, no matter how much of a wanker he is now (and he is a pretty big wanker) he made a big imprint on my teenage years and I don't think I'll ever stop listening to The Smiths, his solo albums? Meh, they're alright, but whose Morrissey without Marr though, amarite'?

And there we go, that is my little concoction of  fandoms that have influenced me over the years and, from a pop culture side have  kind of made me who I am today (social construction is weird). I will always have a place in my heart for these particular people but I know my fusion will always be developing and changing. In a year or so this list might have increased, you never know I could be an official fan girl by then, stalking Matty Healy's every move and turning up to airports to give him weird gifts, I'm sure a lot of my friends would see it coming the amount I talk about him!

I hope you've enjoyed a little look into my fandom fusion and I think you should all do this, it's great fun, tell me who you love from pop culture and why?
Matty & Morrissey 4 evs' 



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  1. OMG YASSSS! i am right with you on fangirling. I don't remember this obsessed (in a v good way) fangirl in a long long while. I do have a legit crush on him but it's not romantic marry-me-Healy kinda crush, i just love his work so much along with his personality (that's so dont-f-with-me kind btw) and he is so raw like his work. I respect it and cannot wait to see where The 1975 goes from here in future <3 <3 <3

    Noor | Noor's Place