On Being Grateful

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Sometimes we all need that little reminder that our lives aren't so bad. In fact our lives are wonderful and magical most of the time, you sometimes just need something to put your life into perspective. Something like this happened to me today.

I am always one to try and step back and look at my life and appreciate it but even I can have those days when I think the world around me is ending, even though it really isn't. One of my most horrendous deplorable traits is being able to obsess over mediocre worries and niggles that won't matter in a few days time. I have always been that way, it might be my anxiety I don't know but I always find myself days later thinking 'that was a silly waste of time wasn't it'. When I have a bad day these niggles tend to grow into larger niggles and turn me into quite a pessimist, I start complaining a lot and being a general pain to be around. 

When I was at my volunteer job today one of our clients came in in quite a state. They told me they'd had the week from hell, now I'm used to people using this phrase and the issues they express being pretty mediocre, like having lots of work to do or your car breaking down etc. But when this person told me that they had 1. Had a fight with their mum, 2.Been fired, 3. Their dad had passed away and 4. Been made homeless the day before, something shifted inside of me. I felt so, so guilty for the amount of times I have told someone I have had a bad day, so many mediocre things I have complained about and then forgotten the next day, it just puts your life back into perspective so quickly. This person also continued to tell me that they are already looking for a job and keeping a positive attitude, in their own words they told me 'well you've got to keep going haven't you'. I could have hugged them, although that's strictly un-professional! To have been through so much in one week and still be able to see an outcome and start trying to improve your life right from the get go is just inspiring. I have found after 2 weeks of doing this job that these young people are some of the most inspiring individuals I have ever met, they've been through some horrid shit and still they keep positive, even if the government turn them down housing, even if they don't eat that night they still carry on. 

I'm going to make a conscious decision to complain less. I know that sometimes you do need a little complain but I'm going to stop whinging, it annoys me and it annoys everyone around me and there's just no need for it, not in my position. 

Please be grateful for what you have. I know it's cliche'd and over used but your life could be worse, also if you have some time spare why don't you go and volunteer at your local hostel or food bank, you will meet the most interesting, kind and inspiring people. Don't listen to the stigma, they deserve as much of a place in our society as the next person. Remember to put your life in perspective now and again.    


  1. This is such a reflexive and lovely post Ciara! We're all guilty of having a bit of a moan and I definitely think that we need to let ourselves sometimes (no matter how trivial it might be compared to others). But generally, you're right, it's lovely to practice gratitude and understanding the great things we have in our lives! Really enjoyed reading this :)

    1. Yeah I understand that we sometimes need to vent, but we need to get the line right between venting and incessantly complaining when others have it worse. Thank you I'm trying to practice it more and more.

  2. I was supposed to be focusing on being more grateful this year but have failed completely; this post is giving me a bit of a nudge in the right direction to end the year on track again! Thank you for sharing
    Megan x
    Lucky Penumbra

    1. It's okay to fail just keep trying, it's hard to change something like that. I'm glad I've been able to give you a nudge, thank you.