Songs For // October

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Wow this month has been great for music, especially towards the end when JOANNE came out, but I'm kind of biased because Gaga's the best! Other than Gaga some other people have been releasing new stuff and there's also a few oldies that passed me by when they came out. Let's delve in shall we:

The month began with Banks, I've never really sat down and listened to Banks but after finding her new album to be so ethereal and calming I listened to her complete discography and fell in love with her lyricism. Also one of my favourite youtuber Lucy Moon is a big fan and describes her sound as 'bedroom music' which I think is a brilliant description. Lovesick is one of my favourite songs on the album, it's the right blend of catchy and gentle and the lyrics are so simple but so effective. Next we have Japanese House I mentioned them in one of Monday posts at the start of the month and after listening to their new EP hundreds of times I now want to see them live. I think the reason I like them so much is because Matty and George from The 1975 helped produce the EP and you can really hear the influences. Face like Thunder is their new single and it's so catchy and unusual I love it. Next we have Gaga, oh my, I had to stop myself putting all the songs from the album onto this playlist! Million Reasons is one of my favourites and I love the ballady, country vibe and Hey Girl that features later in the album is I think my all time fave song on the album because it has Florence on it and I just love the girl power and the solidarity in the funky tune. Next is a little Saint Raymond song I heard on the discovery playlist on Spotify, I just fell in love with lyrics, all about being young and savouring the moment, I'm into that shit. Another song that passed me by completely. Just Jack's new album was released in May 2016 and compared to his first iconic album, it's not on the same level but Lonely Telephone is an up-beat, contagiously catchy tune. I heard this Francis ft Bon Iver song on Radio 1 and as soon as it started I thought it was really unusual and very Bon Iver. I like the chorus and it's just really chill and tuneful. Melanie Martinez is my new love. Her album is so, so good, she covers such heart wrenching topics in such playful ways, she's really experimental and I applaud her for that, sippy cup is such a cool song and I absolutely love the ASMR-like sound effects, but not when I'm walking down the street listening to it and suddenly needing a wee! Ah Dodie, one of my favourite youtubers. I've been waiting for so long for her music to come onto spotify and now it's here and it sounds wonderful, I love this song and I like how she's recorded the new version, it still has the same fragility but it just sounds bigger, I'm really excited for the EP and what happens with her music next. 


What have you been listening to this October?

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