A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Yeah, it's a Tuesday but yesterday I had a nightmare with the wifi in my household, meaning I had to stay on hold for almost 2 hours to talk awkwardly to a call centre worker about something I really don't understand. He was lovely though and very helpful and now we have the internet again at last! I had a busy week, one of the busiest weeks in a long time, I love being busy. Here are the things that made me particularly happy this week:

- My fringe - I bit the bullet and after watching Practical Magic and seeing Gillian's fringe goals I booked an appointment for the next morning. I was nervous but after practicing with a hat and a hair clip and draping my hair over my forehead and folding it (it was a very complex manoeuvre), I was ready and she made the first cut. I wanted a feathered fringe but she gave me what is called a 'gringe' crossed with a feathered fringe and I'm so happy with it. I'm still getting used to the constant thing over my forehead and the fact I can see it above my eyebrows and what it looks like when it's windy and the fact I look like sonic the hedgehog when I wake up. But I'm digging it, it really frames my face and I really like it!

- My trip to Northampton - This weekend I went on a six hour drive to Northampton with my best friend Emily's family to see her for her Birthday. We went out for a meal and I got to meet all of her friends she always talks about because they're great people. I had to wake up at 5.00am and when we came over on the Friday we had a house party and I didn't go to bed until 5.30am the next day! It's fair to say I was sleep deprived but it didn't matter because I had an amazing time. We went to The Harry Potter Studios in Watford and although I've been there before it was still magical and I still cried when I saw Hogwarts, I also finally got myself a Ravenclaw scarf that I have been promising myself for ages! It was so nice to see Em and meet all of her amazing friends  and the best part about it is I only have to wait until Christmas to see her again!

- Homemade spicy squash soup - Last night I did a big ol' food shop and seems as I have another busy week I decided to make a big ol' batch of soup so I can just warm it up when I come in after a busy day. I made up the recipe but it was delicious, I'll list it down bellow:

1 butternut squash
1 stripy green squash (don't know what they're called)
3 carrots
3 parsnips
6 cloves of garlic
2 tsp of salt
1 tsp of pepper
1 tsp of mustard
1 tsp of paprika
1 tsp of turmeric
3 drops of tabasco
Once blended and out in a bowl add a tsbp of nutritional yeast, a dollop of vegan sour cream and a tsbp of miked seeds.

What I have been listening to:

Jordan Mackampa - I got to meet him this weekend because he's good friends with Em. It was strange because I've been listening to him for a pretty long time and then when I got to meet him I felt nervous like I was meeting a celebrity. He's so humble and just loves music and he's definitely going to go far, he's going on tour with Lewis Watson next month. His music is so heartfelt and soulful and it's already so professional sounding my favourite songs are Same Faces and Midnight, please check him out he's a talented hooman'.


How was your Monday?

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