A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 14 November 2016

Can we just begin by saying that this week politics and culture wise has been horrendous, I don't want to hang on this subject for too long as I have read so many things about it and they are probably going to be more informed and articulate than me, an arm chair activist who is a  British white girl. It was a shock to everyone I knew, it was a shock to Britain as a nation I think. What I would like to say is 'Love Trumps Hate'  and although fear is a powerful thing, love and solidarity can always be stronger, if you are a person of privilege, please be ready to support minority groups and stick together, we are better in numbers after all. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

-Jack Garratt- I went to see Jack Garratt on Tuesday and he was amazing. I really enjoyed his set and he was so funny and humble, what a talented, lovely man.I also bought such a cool t shirt by a really cool independent illustrator and we managed to drive to Newcastle and back safely in the snow, yeyy!

-Planet Earth- Attenborough's back and although this program makes me feel warm inside it's also horrendously suspenseful and I do still need to watch it on iPlayer so I can fast forward all the deaths! But I do love this program and I find it so interesting that these remote places exist in the world, it just opens my mind and always puts my small insignificant life into perspective (soz lads we're not that important really). I also love the diary entries they do after the program to show how they film it, the cinematography is so amazing and I love to see how they set everything up and basically risk their lives to film these amazing events. 

-The John Lewis Advert- I know I'm very anti-consumerism but this advert is always the epitome of Christmas for me and I love how it's much more light hearted this year. It's a bit of light relief from an all round strange year and I think JL have put that into consideration when they we're planning it. It's also raising money for The Wildlife Trust which is wonderful.  

-The Super-moon- I haven't had the privilege to see it, because of the cloudy weather in Carlisle, but I can definitely feel it; hear me out now. I'm not normally a spiritual/sensory person but I have quite a rooted relationship with the moon. There is psychological and naturalistic research to say that  the moon controls everything, especially humans and if you allow yourself the idea that you can be positively effected by the moon, you might just feel it. When it's a full moon I feel much more energised and creative, I also feel very aware of everything and a little anxious but if I channel it in the correct way it can work really well and I can get a lot of things done. I feel like that today x10, I'm guessing it's because the moon is bloody huge.

-Mustard Mash- Again, anti-consumerist but; Sainsburys was right! Adding a teaspoon  of wholegrain mustard to your mashed potato is one of the best things you can every do, no word of a lie it makes it so much more flavoursome and adds a little bit of spice. I never used to like mustard but now I seem to be putting it in everything it's bloody great.     

What I have been listening to:

Seramic- They supported Jack Garratt on Tuesday and they were so good live. They are a little bit too funky for me to listen to a whole album, but there are a few songs that I've added to my main mix tape. My favourite song is Waiting, it was so good live especially the harmonies. 


How was your Monday?

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