Dear October...

Friday, 11 November 2016

October you've always been one of my favourite months. You bring in the crisp autumn leaves, the low sunrises and sunsets, the chilly wind and the witchy celebrations, all of which I love. You also brought along my first deadline for Uni and the prospect of having to look for somewhere to study for my masters degree, I don't mind though, I like being kept busy and now I can think of the future much more clearly I've loved looking further a field with a much more positive outlook. 

You began with a boost in confidence which caused me to sign up to an open mic night. I arrived with Janis in hand (my guitar) not knowing anybody and was welcomed by lovely, smiley people that were on the same level as me, it was a huge breath of fresh air and when I went up to sing I didn't feel as scared. I got a lot of compliments and made a few friends which was lovely. This was a big thing for me, my anxiety has been hardly non-existent this month and I've been taking full advantage of it, I feel so much better mentally, yes there are still days when the dread comes and I have to fight my own brain to get out of the door, but those days are becoming less and less and I could cry from the amount of joy this gives me, to think of a life without my anxious thoughts and I'm on the way to that becoming a reality (whoa that got deep fast!). Lets talk about something light shall we; Tv! October you brought a long some corkers that I enjoyed thoroughly, in no particular order: Bake Off, Derran Brown: Miracle, Easy, Black Mirror, Theroux on Savile, Freaks and Geeks , The Missing. You can tell the nights are getting colder, the telly has been great! You also brought along some good music, especially JOANNE. When Gaga does release an album it's always in October and every year I always wonder if this is going to be the year this October it was and I was so happy  (I'll stop talking about JOANNE now okay). 

This month I got to spend a lot of time with my loved ones. Gareth came up for a weekend and we got to see a lot of his family which was nice, we also went home for a little while, visited friends and cuddled some cats. After Gareth left I went back home for a while and cuddled my cats some more because you know, I could.  Halloween also happened and it was a good one this year, I dressed up as Poison Ivy and even though I a lot of people thought I was a tree, I think the costume was pretty successful, I did feel pretty baddass!

Well, I think that's it October, I didn't seem to do much but you completely flew by. I think because you're my favourite month you don't tend to stick around for an awful long time, but that's just part of your charm isn't it. You've been great October, I hope you stick around with your autumnal vibes for a few more weeks, just for me? I'll see you next year. 

How was your October?

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